The Life Goes On

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Pokračovanie Picture of You.

Paris felt like a different world, everything went smoothly for them. The biggest challenge for their fresh relationship is having to be apart despite longing for closeness. 

Pairing: yunjae

Rating: PG

Genre: fluff, romance, slice of life

The first few days following their return were mostly spent by getting back to their lives, so naturally there was no chance to meet. Instead, they spent more time on their phones, texting all days, calling whenever they could. Before they knew, two weeks have passed and it was then Jaejoong's manager questioned his increased attention towards his phone. "Ah, it's Yunho, we're trying to set up a meeting." he answers while waiting for reply. Yunho's got offered a new role and once he starts filming, it will be practically impossible to see each other. "You're getting along that well, huh? Well, I'm glad you found a new friend." Kyungtae smiles, getting startled when Jaejoong suddenly yelps loudly. "What?!" the manager calls, looking around, not knowing what the thread might be. "Oh, sorry! We just agreed on meeting this Friday!" Jaejoong smiles happily, typing into his phone furiously. "Where are you going? Do you want me to take you there?" he asks as it is part of his job. The answer is quick: "No need, Yunho will be picking me up. Probably just dinner or a walk. You know, catching up." hoping the manager won't ask more. "Okay, be careful and let me know if you need me." the man reminds him. "Thanks." he replies absently, focused on his phone. 

The closer Friday is, the more nervous are both of them getting. Trying to stay calm in front of their managers have turned into a challenge. Hiding it from them is not something either wants, but with everything so fresh, it is for the best. It's their first meeting outside the show after all. They have spent more than enough time talking on the phone but that could never be compared to conversation face to face. As Jaejoong finished showering and stood before his closet, the excitement started mixing with anxiety more and more. Suddenly none of his clothes seemed to be good enough. As it is bound in the middle of October, the weather was tricky. Finally he settles on skinny black jeans ripped on the knees and red blouse, liking the way it made him look brighter. With a coat on top of it, he should be fine. Fiddling nervously with the buttons, unable to decide whether undo one more or not, his phone beeps with incoming message. Seeing it's from his date, he opens it immediately, signing softly to himself as he reads Yunho will be late due to traffic. He quickly assures him "it's fine, be careful", going to the living room, switching through TV channels until his lovely cats steal his attention. They do a very good job of distracting him with their silly games, so he gets startled when his phone rings. Yunho's name flashes on the screen and he has to swallow the nervous lump that formed in his throat before answering it. "I'm here, you can come down." he gets greeted. "Give me a minute, I'll give something to Nene and Koko and be right there." he replies, already standing up. They hang up and he quickly searches his cabinet for cat snacks. Once they are happily eating their treats, he sprints upstairs to grab his coat, not forgetting to take one last look in the mirror after putting his shoes on, stepping into his elevator. The ride feels too short and he stands in the private underground parking lot sooner than he can calm down his racing hear. He spots Yunho right away, the man in leaning on his car, eyes fixated on him, smiling as soon as their eyes meet. Returning the gesture, he moves to him, hugging him when they are close enough. Wrapping his arms around him, Yunho murmurs: "I'm sorry I'm late, there was an accident and I got stuck..." "That's fine, it's still early and we have all night." Jaejoong whispers back. Funny how the nerves fell of him the moment he buried himself into the taller man's embrace. So much that he lifts his head, pressing soft kiss to his lips, smiling when Yunho squeezes him tighter, deepening the kiss. They stand like that for a bit, just kissing gently and forgetting the world around them, hearts beating equally fast. Yunho pulls away first, his smile wide and eyes sparkling, tugging on his boyfriend's hand. "Let's go, otherwise we'll miss our reservation."Jaejoong chuckles, getting inside the car and shrugging off the coat as he feels Yunho has the heating on. He watches his boyfriend wordlessly, chuckling aloud at the name he already gave him in his mind. "What is it?" Yunho asks curiously. The singer doesn't reply right away, wondering if it will be too much too soon, after all they didn't exactly put a label on their relationship, but then Yunho turns to him for a moment with a smile, reaching out for his hand and as their fingers thread together, he bites his lip, admitting the truth. "I just called you my boyfriend in my head."Yunho's smile gets only wider, softly caressing the back of the singer's hand with his thumb. "And why is that funny, isn't that who I am?" The question is not accusing, maybe a tad teasing, but still gentle and Jaejoong can't help the blush creeping up his cheeks, nor the butterflies in his stomach, whispering "yes" in return, squeezing the hand holding him firmly. They fall into a comfortable silence after that, content to just hold hands, stealing occasional glances. They did the talking over the phone, now they need the connection and presence of the other. The loving atmosphere doesn't last long though, loud bang startles both of them, like a bigger stone hitting the car and Yunho releases his hand, grabbing the wheel tightly. Jaejoong watches the shocked expression of Yunho, feeling the car slowing down and opens his mouth to ask what's wrong, when the actor curses and pulls over. "I can't believe this!" he calls, unbuckling himself and getting out in hurry. Confused, Jaejoong follows him, not minding they are in public, it's already dark and they are not on a main street anyway. "What happened?" he asks Yunho, who's already looking under the hood, using his phone's flashlight to see better. "I don't know, the accelerator is not working..." Yunho sighs straightening. Looking at the sky, he asks "Can this evening get any worse?" not being able to hide the frustration from his voice. Just then, someone up there takes on the challenge. First drops fall from the sky, turning quickly into steady rain and Jaejoong wants to laugh at the timing, how everything seems to be against them today. He holds it back as he looks at Yunho, the man's expression turning gloomy and he slams the hood shut, urging Yunho to get back inside the car, following him to hide from the rain. He barely closes the door, all hell breaks loose outside and he almost didn't hear the quiet "I'm sorry" from the man beside him. "It's not your fault." he brushes the wet hair from Yunho's face away before doing the same to his. The other finally looks at him, sounding almost broken. "But this is our first date and I wanted it to be special. But no, first I was late, then my stupid car broke down, now this rain. We won't make it to the the restaurant, we can't take a walk..." He angrily looks outside, huffing about unfair life, making Jaejoong smile. " Hey." he calls softly, waiting for Yunho's full attention. "This is not the end of the world. I really appreciate how you planned this, it's very sweet. But I don't need a fancy restaurant, I don't care where I am or what am I doing, being with you is enough to make me happy." To make his point stronger, he leans forward for a kiss, which is gladly accepted and returned. "You're right but what are we going to do now?" Yunho whispers against his lips and Jaejoong shudders, capturing the tempting lips again, opening his mouth and letting out happy sigh when Yunho follows, their tongues meeting, hands touching and pulling closer yet not being able to get close enough because of where they are. "Damn it, front seats are really uncomfortable for making out sessions." the rockstar complains, making Yunho chuckle. "Don't laugh, I'm half tempted to call for help and then move this to backseat." "And what's stopping you?" Yunho asks amused, caressing the pouty bottom lip of his boyfriend, deciding to go for another taste, only to land his lips on a cheek as Jaejoong turns his head sideways in the last second. "First of all, we're in the middle of a street." Jaejoong reminds him and the actor moves back to his seat, looking around carefully. His windows are tinted but the singer is right, they were careless. "And second, I'm actually quite hungry." he admits sheepishly. "Oh? Am I not enough now?" Yunho teases, getting punch in the shoulder. "Do you have an umbrella?" Jaejoong asks like nothing happened, ignoring the groaning from the other. "There should be one in the trunk." "Great! I saw a restaurant right over there" he points on the left behind them, "we can call the service and while we wait, eat there. Then take a cab home and play games, watch movie, whatever." Yunho looks like he wants to apologize again but then he gives him blinding smile, saying "You're positively awesome, you know that?" Jaejoong shakes his head. "I just want this to work out." "Me too." Yunho agrees. They go with the second plan, Yunho cancels their reservation while Jaejoong searches for the umbrella protected only by his coat. When the singer opens the driver's door, he grumbles: "I can't believe you sent me out there, these are not clothes made for this weather. You owe me a new coat.""Why do you even own clothes that can't handle a little bit of water?" Yunho asks, taking the umbrella Jaejoong is holding. "You call this a little bit of water?!" Jaejoong raises both his eyebrows and voice, ready to punch Yunho again but holds his hand instead, walking across the street, wanting to get inside quickly. The rain is still strong, the wind not helping it and they get wet regardless the little protection they have. Happy sighs leave them once they walk inside the small ramen restaurant, pleasant smell and warmth hitting them. They both greet the audience they suddenly have, consisting of five customers and the owner. "Oh my... Isn't that Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho? What are they doing here?" one girl asks her friend hastily, who shakes her head in wonder, looking at the celebrities they've only seen on TV. "I had no idea they knew each other.""Weren't they filming for some show in Paris together?" Both Jaejoong and Yunho hear the hushed conversation, exchanging gazes and wondering if staying here is a good idea but then the older owner gently takes hold of their hands, each in one hand and smiles at them kindly."I'm sorry, you wanted to eat? We're a small shop, so there isn't a private room but I can let you eat in the back if you want.""We're really sorry for the inconvenience. My car broke down and we have to stay around until the service gets here." Yunho explains, bowning in apology with Jaejoong following the suit. "We were on our way to have a dinner, so we're hungry and your ramen smells deliciously. We don't want to burden you, we can eat here with other customers..." Jaejoong says but the woman interrupts him, shaking her head. "Nonsense, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable! And you are both wet, it's warmer over there. Just give me a moment, I'll make you a place to eat. Look at the menu in the meantime."She fuses over them for a few more seconds, accepting their bows of gratitude with wave of her hand, before disappearing behind the curtain. Everyone can hear her putting away stuff and Yunho sighs, muttering "stupid car", sending Jaejoong dirty look when the other laughs at him and pretends innocence right after that. 

They end up also getting a beer, giving up on the thoughts of driving for that day. With the small space they are eating in, it's unavoidable to not being plastered side to side but it only serves them as an excuse for touching, when the owner checks on them. It's also convenient in terms of talking, they have to keep their voices low anyway, or the other customers would hear them. Most of their conversations end up being whispered, sneaking kiss or two in between, both actually enjoying the intimate setting this unfortunate situation have led them to. An hour later, they sit inside taxi, heading to Jaejoong's house since it's close. "Don't worry, nobody will know you were here, that's my private elevator." Jaejoong assures him smiling when he sees Yunho eyeing it doubly. "You have your own elevator?!" the other freaks out. "If you're making big deal out of elevator, I'm not sure you'll survive seeing my house." the singer chuckles. Yunho gets confused, eyebrows knitting together. "What? Why?" "I own the top three floors." he answers simply, getting inside the cabin. "You what?!" Yunho yells and Jaejoong has to tug him inside so the door doesn't close before his face. The actor can't help but wonder aloud "Just how rich are you?" Chuckling, Jaejoong remarks, "wow, what an appropriate question for a first date. And why are you acting like you're not rich yourself?" rising an eyebrow. "Sorry, it's just I don't really show it this way... I'm not saying it's a bad thing! You have worked hard for it!" Yunho goes to panic mode this time and Jaejoong has to smile softly, holding his hand. It must be the nerves, Jaejoong thinks and suddenly it settles into his mind too. I'm taking my boyfriend home on our first date...When they arrive before his door, he turns to the silent man. "Yunho, calm down. No matter how the evening started, I was having a good time and simply want to be with you longer. It's not like I expected us to..." he stops, looking away shyly. Clearing his throat, he continues in low voice, avoiding looking at Yunho. "Like I said, we can just watch a movie or something... Just... Please, can you stay for a bit longer?" He holds his head down, feeling the heat in his checks and not wanting the other to see it. He thankfully burries his overheated face into Yunho's chest when he's hugged. "Of course I want to stay. I don't know why I'm so nervous, we were living together for a week and look at me now..." Yunho says against his temple, dropping sweet kiss there like he wanted so many times before but couldn't. Now he can and he loves the feeling so much, he's going to do that every time he gets a chance. He feels Jaejoong shaking his head, whispering "We weren't a couple then.""But we were acting like one anyway." Yunho points out grinning as the other pauses at that. "You're right. Let's go inside, I can hear the cats scratching at the door."

For the next two months, as Yunho works on filming his new drama and Jaejoong starts getting ready for album release, they still try to meet whenever possible. Photo People has been released and their fans are now aware they have became close. Some started to ship them, which was really weird for them at first, some labeled them as best friends. Either way, it was safe for them to meet outside, even post pictures of them together, a luxus they never thought they'll have and if Jaejoong was honest with himself, he stared to take advantage of it a little bit. Like right now, when he was planning on asking Kyungtae to take him to the place Yunho's filming at. But first, it was time to tell his manager the truth, he talked to Yunho about it already and they have agreed their managers should know in case something happens. He's done with his schedule for the day, photoshoot for his new album and only his manager, bodyguard and two stylists are in the room. He takes a deep breath, stopping the bigger male before he leaves to get the car. "Kyungtae, I need to tell you something."Taking in the serious appearance of his idol, Kyungtae glances at the staffs, before looking back at him, asking: "Do you want to talk in private?" Jaejoong thinks for a moment, noticing the confused faces of the other three, nodding at last. "I'm sorry, I'll tell you later. Kyungtae needs to know first as my manager..." he explains, apologizing with a small smile. They all give him a nod, leaving them alone. The manager sits next to him, placing hand on his shoulder. "What is it? You're scaring me."He doesn't answer right away, sorting his thoughts and deciding how to tell him.In the end, he decides to be straightforward. "I'm dating Yunho. Have been for a while, since Paris actually... I didn't want to hide it from you anymore, not only as my manager but also my friend."Silence falls over them and he watches the other carefully, nervous of his reaction. "Wow..." Kyungtae breathes out, "no wonder you two spend any free time you have together..." He groans right after that, as if realizing something. "How did I not see this?! Now when I know, it's so obvious!" Jaejoong chuckles, feeling a weight lifting of his shoulders. But there's still a bigger problem. "What will the company say?" he asks. "I'm not really sure. You want them to know?" "I guess? In case it gets out..." the singer muses. "They probably won't be happy, but you're right, telling them beforehand is better. Not now thought, after you release the album. Until then, please be careful." the manager advices. Once he gets an affirmative nod, he asks suspiciously, seeing as the rockstar finds his hands rather interesting at the moment: "is that all? Should I take you home?" "Uhm, I actually wanted to visit Yunho on the set..." he sheepishly admits, making the other laugh. "Oh God, you're so in love... Let's go before you accuse me of keeping you from seeing your boyfriend. And you're going to tell me everything in the car!" And he does, but not before quickly texting Yunho "On my way, just told Kyungtae."

Yunho has his first day off since he started the drama and when Jaejoong learned that, he almost threw a tantrum for having to go to a meeting instead of spending the whole day with his boyfriend. He's cranky all morning, snapping at his stylist because he "doesn't need to look good for a stupid meeting" sending the girl almost to tears. At the sight, he remembers himself and apologizes right away for his uncalled for behavior. "Just take day off, there's no way I'm going anywhere else than my boyfriend's house after I'm done." His stylist gasp and he can see Kyungtae facepalming from the corner of his eye at his missing filter. "Oh my God! Is that what you wanted to tell Kyungtae the other day? You have a boyfriend! Who?! How long?!" she grabs his shoulder excitedly and he smiles, happy to just talk about Yunho. She's listening to him attentively, cooing at some parts of his story and he's reaching for his phone to show her some pictures of them, when his manager interrupts them. "Jaejoong, the meeting starts in a minute, move your ass before I smack you on it." He covers his butt, proclaiming "no touching, Yunho's property!" blushing like crazy when he realizes what he said, running from the two laughing at him. 

He jumps into Yunho's arms as soon as the other opens the door for him, almost sending him to floor. Thankfully the actor catches on the door and stabilizes both of them. "Oi, carefully, what's wrong?" Yunho asks concerned. Closing the door, he holds the singer protectively, kissing his temple lovingly. "Missed you." Jaejoong sighs, happily nuzzling against his neck.Yunho's heart skips a beat at that and he cuddles him closer, showering his face with small kisses, murmuring "missed you too" against the smooth skin. They move the cuddling to Yunho's squishy couch, Jaejoong sitting on Yunho's lap, gently running fingers through his hair. "Did you eat?" Jaejoong asks secretly hoping they can have lunch together. The meeting didn't last that long after all, it was only one in the afternoon. Eyes closed to enjoy the treatment of hos boyfriend, Yunho replies: "I woke up few minutes ago..." Bingo. Exactly what he wanted. "Do you have any food? I can cook something for us.""You don't have to, we can order take out." Yunho tries protesting. It's rather weak protest as he practically starts falling asleep again. "But I want to." the singer pouts and while the taller man can't see it, he definitely hears it. "Okay, whatever you want, love..." he chuckles, slipping one hand under the other's shirt to feel the warm skin. There's silence and Yunho cracks an eye open to see what's wrong. Jaejoong is looking at him intensely, his expression mixture of surprise and hope. " What?" he asks, not understanding the reaction. "Did you just call me love?" his voice is barely above whisper, full of wonder. "Yes? You don't like it?" he's still lost when Jaejoong kisses him suddenly. "No, I love it! I love you." the rockstar confesses with a big smile, Yunho answering with one on his own. Not forgetting to return the soft "love you too" he locks their lips in sweet kiss, no sleepiness left. 

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