Picture of You

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Táto fanfic bola napísanán pre každoročný yunjae festival, jaehoxchange. Ktokoľvek anonoymne pošle nápad, ktokoľvek si ho anonymne adoptuje a o štyri mesiace admini všetky ff začnú zverejľovať. Keď zverejnia všetky, odhalia autorov. Ja som si vybrala Photo People, pretože som tú show milovala. Držala som sa reálnych udalostí zo show, len som nejaké pridala a niektoré upravila ^^ Opäť angličtina

Taking a week off from their busy lives, a group of celebrities are sent to explore the magic found upon the streets of Paris. Would eight days and seven nights be enough for them to gain new experiences and connect deeper with their fellow co-stars?

Pairing: yunjae

Rating: PG

Genre: fluff, romance, slice of life

A male in his thirties sits comfortably in his spacious living room shifting through the scrip his manager handed him this morning. His earlier doubts were replaced by curiosity. Being in the entertainment industry for over ten years, he knows very well how risky it is to take on brand new shows. Even more so if it's a web show like this one. But the concept caught his interest. What prompts him to grab the phone laying on the sofa next to him is the promise of leaving everything behind for a short time. He does need a vacation, working like crazy since his return from the military. The call is picked up by the second ring and his voice carries over the silent room."Kyungtae, I'll do it." he says, outlining the big letters printed on the first page with his finger. Photo People.

A male in his thirties sits comfortably in his spacious living room shifting through the scrip his manager handed him this morning. His earlier doubts were replaced by curiosity. Being in the entertainment industry for over ten years, he knows very well how risky it is to take on brand new shows. Even more so if it's a web show like this one. But the concept caught his interest. What prompts him to grab the phone laying on the sofa next to him is the promise of leaving everything behind for a short time. He does need a vacation, working like crazy since his return from the military. The call is picked up by the second ring and his voice carries over the silent room.

"Kyungtae, I'll do it." he says, outlining the big letters printed on the first page with his finger. Photo People.

"Jaejoong, you better be ready! You were already late for the first meeting with the photographer." the loud voice of his manager carries through the apartment.

"That wasn't my fault!" comes the sulky reply, but he does start moving quicker.

They both get on the private elevator and find themselves in the car in no time. Nervously playing with his fingers, the singer asks: "Who are my co-stars? Did the producers tell you anything?"

Not taking his eyes off the road, the bigger man answers, "they casted celebrities from various fields but that's all they told me?"

"Really? Wow, they want to make it as real as possible. I hope there's at least one person I know." he babbles more to himself.

"You'll see soon. Why don't you take a nap? The shooting ended late yesterday." the manager suggests kindly.

"But I'm too excited to sleep!" He bounces in his seat like a kid, making the other laugh.

His job is not easy, the singer and actor needs him almost twenty four seven. Thankfully the easy going nature of the rock star makes up for all the hard work. People love to be around him. It's no wonder he has maintained his huge popularity for over a decade. Kim Jaejoong is what people call a complete package. He has a, voice that can fit any genre, he can act, make his own music, has the looks, is humble, funny and witty, making him wanted in variety shows and his powerful stage presence can only be envied by fellow idols. The fact that he's also a successful businessman shouldn't be overlooked either.

His musing is interrupted by the subject of his thoughts himself. "Kyungtae! Are you even listening to me?"

"Sorry, what were you saying?" he asks.

"Wow, I can't believe you. What's the point of having you when you don't even give me the attention I need?" Jaejoong chides him jokingly.

Kyungtae smiles as he listens to his precious idol repeat his speech despite the earlier complains.

The rest of the ride is filled with the star's chatting that comes to sudden a halt at the statement "we're here" from the front seat.

"Right, let's go!" he hopes out of the car before Kyungtae has unbuckled himself, leaving him running after the excited man. He is always like this. A little unsure of himself, yet his kitten like curiosity and excitement win every time.

Once inside the building, he's ushered to his waiting room to get the make up done before he has a chance to run off in attempt to find the rest of the cast. As it is bound, the room is soon filled with laughter at his purposely awful jokes. A soft knocking on the opened door announces the presence of one of the assistants. The newcomer smiles at the star, announcing they will be ready in five minutes. He nods, thanking him, and mouches quickly on the breakfast his manager brought for him.

Once finished, he hurries to the door, calling over his shoulder: "I'll quickly run to the bathroom!"

The staff lingering outside kindly points him in the right direction. Not expecting anyone inside, he walks in humming, only to almost run into a familiar-looking man. They study each other for a second before the singer breaks into a mischievous grin. "Are you by any chance my co-star?"

The other laughs, the rich sound resonating in the small space.

"Jung Yunho," he offers his hand, "I swear, I washed my hands!"

Jaejoong gives a half smile before grabbing the offered hand, "I'll take your word for it. I'm Kim Jaejoong."

"Do you always trust strangers so easily?" Yunho asks amused.

"No! But you're no stranger, I see you often on my TV screen."

His answer makes him raise an eyebrow, "You have time to watch TV?"

Jaejoong pouts, "I watched your latest drama. I also know we're the same age."

Yunho's expression softens a bit, obviously pleased to hear that. "Thank you. Should we be friends then?"

"Sure. But uhm... Can you let me through?" he points to the toilet behind the taller man, "because I'm pretty sure I was already supposed to be on the set."

"Oh! Yes, sorry!" Yunho steps away from the door. "Better go. Don't forget to act surprised when you see me later," he reminds him with a smile, leaving just as voices looking for the idol start to be heard. He shakes his head to himself. Looks like Jung Yunho will be an entertaining person to have around.

After apologizing to everyone for taking too long in the bathroom, the filming starts without any problems. Looking at the pictures taken by the other celebrities, making brief comments about them, he ponders in his mind which could be Yunho's. As he finally picks the ones he's most curious about and sits down ready to greet his soon to be house mates, his surprise is not an act, as Yunho walks through the door first and takes a seat next to him. How did he pick his photo among the six? They exchange meaningful smiles before the next guests come in. He's not really familiar with the actress Kim Sunah or the pretty model Sim Soyoung, but he notices Yunho recognize them, being from the same field. The girls will surely bring some freshness to the show, he can already picture them in Paris streets. As Gunhee walks in, he cheers internally. He teases him by pretending they are just acquaintances, his good friend returning the gesture with a made up story about how he didn't care about him when they first met. Next to join them is rookie idol Samuel. Having heard a lot about him, Jaejoong welcomes him with applauses. Somehow seeing young talents makes him happy and he looks forward to spend time with him. He calls him affectionately Muel-ah and the atmosphere warms up around the table. And while their teacher tells them to be aware of Samuel's skills, he can't help but smile at him like a proud parent. Another surprise awaits him as Hyesung walks in last.

He comments, "I'm not even going to stand up, we were shooting together until dawn yesterday," making everyone laugh. While she explains about the picture she's taken, a giggle escapes him. "When I saw that picture, I thought an old man came out of the sauna and took it thinking 'aah, this is nice!', honestly!" The table erupts in laughter and he sends Hyesung an apologizing gaze.

As they calm down, KT Kim informs them: "There's one more person that will be joining you in Paris."

Jaejoong knows that means the person must be busy and his mind goes through all possible names. Maybe a comedian? They need some sort of MC. Yes, he is the head of the crew but the role of MC doesn't fit him. He snaps back to reality as the cut is announced.

The director calls: "Let's move to the studio now."

While walking, Jaejoong speaks to Hyesung, "Why didn't you tell me anything?" inserting a bit of disappointment into his voice.

"You didn't tell me either!"

"Not my fault you didn't notice me with a camera plastered to my hands," he mocks her, getting hit in return.

Gunhee walks up to them. "So this is the trip you promised to go on with me and never had the time for?"

Laughing, Jaejoong throws one arm around each of them. "I'm so glad you two are here. I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone."

"You know half of the entertainment industry." Hyesung points out.

He doesn't have time to answer as they arrive at their destination and the director starts speaking to them: "I know you just met but we have to start shooting right away. Some of you have schedules after and we don't want to waste too much of your time, you'll get to know each other better later."

The crew members nod in understanding. The staff tries to assign the order they'll stand in, sending an apological gaze to Gunhee standing on the right end.

Wanting to ease them, he remarks: "I'm comfortable here. It would be too hard to stand next to them," pointing to Jaejoong in the centre and Yunho on his left side.

The rockstar rolls his eyes as the rest agrees with him and Yunho laughs. With everything in place, the shooting resumes.

Their teacher explains the mission. "In Paris, you'll be taking pictures of models. And so far you mostly practiced on objects or nature. You can try taking pictures of each other, like little pictorial shoot."

Jaejoong ends up paired with Soyoung. He smiles politely and quickly introduces himself while they wait for their turn. They go after Hyesung and Sunah. Soyoung stands in from of the camera first and he marvels at the change from shy girl to confident woman. She's clearly good at her job. He easily coaxes her to the positions he has in mind, snapping three pictures before handing the camera to her. Seeing how she's unsure about the task, he teases her about her facial expression, wanting her to relax and succeeding as she laughs along with others. Next is Yunho with Samuel. As he watches the model turned actor, he can't help but feel a pang of envy at Samuel being the one he poses for. The grace Yunho possesses in front of a camera is way bigger than Soyoung's, his charisma filling the room, his love for modeling apparent. He makes a mental note to get Yunho model for him, his fingers aching to grab the camera from Samuel's hands right now. Something must have shown on his face, because as Yunho moves back to his side, he gives him a curious look before breaking into smirk. He quickly averts his gaze, feeling his face getting warmer.

The teacher goes through their pictures, pointing out what's good and what could be improved. For a while the room is filled with their sounds of understanding and realization before it's time to announce the best shot. "Today's winner is... Jaejoong."

Giving a small bow, the star expresses his gratitude, "Thank you, I will keep working hard."

"Now that you know the basics, we're ready to leave for Paris, where more missions await you. I'll see you there." KT Kim ends the lesson and after their clapping, cut is called.

The director walks to them. "Your managers were given your flight informations and tickets. And also small cameras so you can shoot yourselves packing for the trip. Great job today, keep it real as you did today and everything will be fine."

They exchange quick goodbyes and go their own ways.

"Kim Jaejoong, how come you're the last one again?" Gunhee asks him as soon as the cameras stop rolling at the airport.

Unexpectedly Yunho joins in. "He probably needs his beauty sleep."

"Should I be offended or flattered?" the singer pouts at him.

"Flattered of course!" Hyesung shakes her head at him, Yunho confirming her answer with grin and nod. What's with this man and his stupidly attractive grinning? Jaejoong clears his throat, changing the subject, "Anyway, we should get on board," starting to walk away. Yunho catches up with him, nudging his shoulder. "You know, we sit together on the plane. For eleven hours. You can't really run away from me."

"Who says I'm running away from you?" he huffs, not stopping at all.

"Are you sulking? That's cute." Yunho laughs amused.

Not admitting defeat, he shoots back: "Are you always this annoying?"

"I prefer being called persistent and honest." comes the light reply.

The star comes to halt then and glares at him. "For your own good, I hope you fall asleep the moment we're in the air, otherwise you might experience sky fall."

He doesn't mean it of course and judging by Yunho's twinkling eyes, he knows it. He just enjoys how easily they can talk together like long time friends.

They end up talking in hushed voices for over two hours, about photography, the show, military life, traveling, hobbies and food, before the tiredness takes over them. So far he discovered Yunho initially didn't want to join the show but as him, he needed break, having worked continuously since his discharge. And despite having known each other for only few days, Yunho promised to go hiking with him, when he complained about his friends not really liking this free time activity the same way he does. Both wanted to talk more but everyone around them was asleep and they didn't want to disturb them. They'll have more time to spend together, learning they will be sharing room. The excitement of finding someone he gets along with so well makes it hard to fall asleep for Jaejoong at first. His body gives up in the end thought, as he didn't get any sleep at night.

Yunho jerks awake when something falls on his shoulder, sweet scent filling his senses. Opening his eyes confusingly, he finds out the reason immediately. Shifting a bit, he offers Jaejoong's head on him better support to rest. He looks at the watch, noticing they have another hour until landing, deciding to go back to sleep. Next thing he knows, someone is gently shaking him. "Yunho, we're landing soon, you need to wake up." Listening to the husky voice, he does exactly that. Jaejoong looks slightly embarrassed, the sweet smell of his shampoo still lingering in his nose, meaning the other moved away recently.

"I'm sorry. I... Was sleeping on your shoulder..." soft apology hits him as he's buckling himself in.

He smiles, turning to face the singer. "I know and it's okay, no need to feel sorry or being embarrassed."

"You know? But you were asleep." Jaejoong looks cute confused, reminding Yunho of kitten.

"Only until your heavy head hit me about an hour ago." he decides to tease him to get over the awkwardness.

"My head is not heavy!" the singer's raised voice attracts attention but neither of them cares as Yunho laughs at his forming pout.

The chaos they created at the airport forgotten as the group approaches their home for the next week, not being able to hide their excitement.

"This place is really nice." Yunho comments first and then they all start running around, wanting to see all the rooms, exclaiming happily about what they found. They get two hours of rest, to unpack and get familiar with their surroundings. "We should get to know each other, we barely introduced ourselves." Hyesung suggests.

"What about doing that over meal?" Jaejoong supports her.

Soon the table is filled with the food they brought on their way here, chatting lively. Jaejoong makes sure everyone gets enough to eat and is included in the talk. He thinks nothing of it, not noticing how Yunho starts paying more attention to his actions rather than the discussion.

None of them realizes it's time to go back to work until the director walks to them. "The teacher is here, we'll start shooting in a bit, please move to the living room."

Jaejoong takes time to quickly put the dishes in the sink. "You take really good care of others." He did not expect Yunho to stay behind to help him, much less to throw a little compliment at him. "I just don't like people feeling left out." he smiles gently, accepting the plates the other hands him.

"Don't get it wrong but... I never thought you were such warm person." the actor admits carefully but Jaejoong laughs, dragging him back to the rest. "I get that a lot."

Once the two of them are seated, it's time to reveal their first mission. "You're going to take B shots of these pictures," KT Kim shows them three envelopes with numbers written on them, "there are no hints, you have to find out yourself where the places are. The teams will be as followed. Jaejoong and Hyesung..." giving the first envelope to the singer. For a second Jaejoong thinks he saw disappointment cross Yunho's face, but he shakes that thought off because it makes no sense, focusing on their teacher instead. "Yunho with Samuel and the third team is Soyoung, Sunah and Gunhee." passing both of them the remaining two papers. "You can open them tomorrow. Remember, you are going as teams but your pictures will be rated individually. The winner is going to get a special price which will be very helpful for the second mission. Good luck to everyone, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

The morning comes too soon and the celebrities stand in the living room, feeling lost as to where the locations of their missions are.

"Jaejoong, ask on your SNS, you have fans from around the world, someone will know where it is." Hyesung nudges him and he complies all so willingly.

"Great idea. And for that, I'll take you by car!"

He hugs her close while the actress happily exclaims: "Really?!" to which he nods. "I have an international driver's license."

Her squealing mixes with the protests and whining of the others, not stopping until Yunho's raised voice overwhelms them.

"We should start moving, otherwise we're going to spend all day just looking for the location."

He then rushes out without backward glance, leaving poor Samuel running after him. Jaejoong exchanges surprised gazes with Hyesung, not knowing what to make of the actor's sudden sour mood. She just shrugs her shoulders and smiles, taking his hand and dragging him outside. "Let's go, I wanna see Paris!"

Their day goes by peacefully, both enjoying the nice weather, atmosphere of the town and each other's company. They know exactly where they have to go, thanks to simple comment "Pont Alexandre III" on his instagram post. The remaining two teams are probably nowhere close to finding their places, so the singer allows them to take it slow, taking pictures to his heart's content, ultimately abandoning the car in favor of better shots as well as feel the city.

"It's so nice just walking here I almost don't wanna take the boat but it's the last one for the day." he sighs, his "date" agreeing with him. They joke about this feeling like a date a lot, but it truly does. He even took a moment to imagine it, Hyesung is nice and they go along well. Maybe if they tried, it could work out. If only there was any sparkle between them, that is. And he knows, when they don't feel anything here, in the most romantic place on this planet, they never will. He doesn't dwell on the sad feeling too much, believing there's someone waiting for him.

Later that evening, when he wins for the second time in a row, he decides he will enjoy this vacation to the fullest, despite feeling an empty hole in his chest when watching all the happy couples on the streets around them.

Night falls and while everyone is having a much deserved rest, there are two men moving towards a certain room.

"Why are we doing this?" the youngest asks warily.

"To have some fun memories and bond together. Now hush, you'll wake him up." Yunho tiptoes to his shared room with Jaejoong, checking if the singer is still asleep, then gesturing for the young idol to follow him.

He had a good time with the kid earlier today, looking for the Mario painting. The only thing ruining it was his brain, constantly reminding him his roommate went with someone else. He wanted the two of them go together instead, get lost in their talks and learn more about photography from him. His mood wasn't good and he felt so bad for Samuel, he has brought him lunch and as soon as Jaejoong has fallen asleep after the tiring day, he sneaked out to include him in his plan to get pictures of the sleeping crew. Because if they prank them first, they can't get pranked, right?

They stand above the sleeping figure, Yunho having his phone with a flashlight ready, Samuel next to him with a camera in his hands. On the count of three, the room gets brighter and filled with clicking of the camera. It takes less than minute before they are out of the room, looking at the results.

"Ah, it's too dark! Let's try again, I'll hold the light closer to him."

They move back into positions as one, this time being more bold, resulting in waking Jaejoong up. He throws them murderous look before rolling on his side, covers over his head. The duo leaves satisfied, muffling their laughter, going upstairs to catch the rest of their victims, already being good friends.

Picture of the Eiffel tower at dawn, that's their second mission. As they gather in the kitchen, everyone sleepy and cold, coffee made by their staff is the only thing keeping them alive at that time. Jaejoong is gone before others even have time to finish their mug, having to move to different location and coordinate his models, the privilege of the winner from yesterday.

Their complains about having to wake up so soon and freezing weather would have stopped the moment they get immersed into the beautiful scene of sun rising over the Eiffel tower, yet nothing like that happens. The weather is not on their side today, heavy grey clouds making their job much more difficult. The sun is up in matter of minutes and as Sunah and Soyoung start taking pictures of each other, Yunho excuses himself, going in search of Jaejoong. He finds him sitting on the gras, surrounded by staffs and equipments, his models already leaving wrapped in thick blankets.

"How did it go?" he surprises him, the singer's head snaps upwards, big hazel eyes watching him intensely before their owner sighs.

"I'm unhappy with the lightening, if there was a bit more sunlight..."

Jaejoong looks as disappointed as he sounds and Yunho settles next to him, peeking on the camera's screen.

"What do you mean, they are great! You'll definitely win again. Mine look hideous compared to yours." he sniffles, proceeding to show him his attempts.

Jaejoong goes through them seriously, assuring him: "They are not that bad, you could have used different setting on some but you're getting the hang of it."

"Thanks, I still prefer being in front of the camera though." he muses, trying to pick one good shot.

With his attention turned elsewhere, he misses the sparkles in Jaejoong's eyes at his words. Suddenly he's nudged forward.

"Go work your magic then." Jaejoong offers.


"I'll be your photographer, if you want."

Yunho blinks at the other looking expectantly at him.

"Sure, my pleasure!" he jumps to his feet, making Jaejoong laugh and yell "shut up" after him.

Striking the poses he's most confident in, he listens to the requests and guiding for directions from his new friend. He's nicely surprised at how natural it feels for them to act like this. And when he gets called back to check the pictures, he doesn't hesitate to tell the singer that.

"It's crazy, but I feel like I've known you since forever."

The answer is immediate. "Right? Maybe we met in our past life."

He didn't know what to expect but it certainly wasn't Jaejoong agreeing with him. And the singer also managed to come up with even more ridiculous reason. Going with the urge to connect with the rockstar, he hugs him around shoulders, leading them back down to others. Jaejoong doesn't seem to mind, as he questions his last night's activity with Samuel instead.

"Ah, we thought it will be entertaining for the show. You're not mad, are you?" he asks, only now feeling a bit anxious about his reaction.

"That depends. Do I look okay on the pictures? Can I see them?" there's a thread of insecurity in Jaejoong's voice and Yunho rubs his shoulder gently, pulling him closer to his body.

"Don't worry, you look gorgeous as always." he assures him, getting snort in return.

"Sweet talker."

He pouts. "I mean it."

Jaejoong rolls his eyes with quiet "whatever", putting hand around Yunho's middle to allow them walk more comfortably.

"Seho is coming tonight, we should welcome him with nice hidden camera." he suggests out of a blue, peeking up Yunho's interest.

Not like he can get any more interested with the two of them wrapped around each other, but he's always down for teasing and pranking. Seems like Jaejoong is of the same opinion as he listens to his plan for their dinner, adding something here and there himself.

"Brilliant, let's tell the others." Yunho smirks as they spot them waiting near a fountain where he left them.

As the dinner continues, they all start exchanging meaningful glances, Seho sitting in the middle, not suspecting anything yet. The fake cut is called, but it's only a call for them to go into acting mood. Jaejoong grabs his phone right away and starts playing with it, his face cold and body language screaming of disinterest in the event around him.

"Should we order a drink?" Seho asks in hopes to lift the mood that dropped rapidly after the staffs left.

They all agree, only Jaejoong shrugs the question off, like he can't be bothered to even answer.

"What's up with you? Are you going to ruin our dinner?" Gunhee is first to point out his behavior and he merely glares his way before going back to his phone.

"He must be tired, we all had to wake up early." Hyesung comes to his rescue.

"That's not an excuse to act like this, all of us had long day!" the hairdresser is unshakable. "Will you put that away?!" he directly attacks his friend, who drops the phone on the table and gets up, leaving without word.

Gunhee grumbles something inaudible under his nose and heads outside for a smoke. Yunho watches the ongoings with impassive eyes, while the MC next to him is starting to squirming in his seat. Sunah and Soyoung are trying hard not to laugh, while Samuel sits quietly in the corner.

"Could we cancel the drinks? Jaejoong is really tired and not in the mood, if we order drinks, we'll have to stay longer." Hyesung begs their new co-star.

"Yes! I understand, you've all had a rough day, we can always have drink next time..." he catches onto that desperately, ready to cancel the beer he ordered when Jaejoong comes back, bottle of soju in hand, looking mad.

Six pairs of eyes watch him opening it, pouring shot for himself, drink it in one go and grabbing his phone once again.

Seho is really flustered but he tries to approach the singer, "I'm sorry, do you want to go back? Or should I pour a shot for you?"

When Jaejoong shoves his glass in the man's direction without looking at it, Yunho snaps: "Do you have to be so rude? What's your problem!"

Only Hyesung is brave enough to get involved: "Guys, please."

"Look at him though, Gunhee was right!"

That is Jaejoong's cue to react. "What do you want me to do then?!"

They don't care Seho is caught up sitting between them.

"If you don't want to be here, just go home alone and stop making us all uncomfortable!" Yunho yells as Gunhee returns.

"I can't believe you made it even worse than before I left." the newcomer accuses Jaejoong.

"Let's not fight, everyone! Here, have a drink Jaejoong!" Seho is sweating at this point, the distress on his face evident, yet he still manages to pour a glass for Jaejoong, doing the same for others.

The atmosphere is tense, the glasses clinking to each other sound terribly forced and dishonest. Jaejoong exchanges quick gaze with Gunhee, going to the final part of their plan. When Seho fills his glass and is about to do it for himself, he forcefully takes the bottle from him.

"Oh, you wanna pour it for me? Okay..." he shakily holds the glass to Jaejoong, who overfills it on purpose, letting the alcohol run on the MC's hand before stopping.

"Seriously, what are you doing now!" Yunho scolds him, handing tissues to their oldest member.

Seho remains patient throughout it, saying it's okay but only until the moment Jaejoong starts touching him, going from his hand to his cheeks. "Jaejoong... Why?" He's trying hard to move away from the hand, even holding his hands, but Jaejoong always breaks free and goes back to his face, lips tugged in small smile.

"Is he drunk already?" Seho asks the rest, continuously battling the singer away.

Seeing how helpless the man is, Yunho laughs and gently catches Jaejoong's hand. "I think you can stop torturing him now."

"Welcome! This was your hidden camera!" Hyesung calls cheerfully and they all start clapping with big smiles. Yunho and Jaejoong do highfive behind Seho's back, who looks like he's just aged a century.

"You're good actors! I thought he's really crazy!" he points to Jaejoong, making him laugh and hug him in apology.

"Thank you for the welcome, I feel like we really got closer now."

The relief he feels is huge and when he learns it was actually Jaejoong's idea, he's not surprised and knows he can look forward to the days ahead of them.

Yunho wakes up later than usually, still a bit jet lagged, finding the bed next to his already empty. He can hear voices from the kitchen and the visuals of someone making breakfast is what prompts him to move. The living room is already filled with people, kitchen not being any different. A familiar smell drags him right to Jaejoong near the stove, holding his waist lightly while peeking over his shoulder.

"That smells delicious." he murmurs next to his ear.

The singer smiles, taking spoonful of the kimchi stew from the pot, softly blowing on it before feeding it to him.


Honestly enjoying the taste, he's not about to crush that hopeful voice.

"The best!" he beams and the smile Jaejoong gives him is so bright, he can't help but ease his position into back hug, chin on Jaejoong's shoulder, feeling warm and wanting to bask in that moment for a little bit longer.

Sadly it is not allowed to him, as Gunhee comments from the side: "You two got domestic pretty quickly."

It's only then Yunho realizes how they look like right now and while he doesn't mind, he's not sure about Jaejoong, so he releases him, whispering "sorry".

"It's fine, your hugs are really nice, feel free to shower me more with them." he winks playfully.

His yell "Your wish is my command!" is the only warning he gives, before he's wrapped around the singer again, both of them laughing crazily.

When they calm down, he asks curious: "Where did you get all the food?"

"Oh, I went to the market early in the morning." he replies casually.

Yunho frowns. "Alone? Why didn't you wake me up to go with you? You could have gotten lost."

Jaejoong turns in his arms, pinching his cheek with a grin. "Aw, how romantic, but I can manage that much alone, you know?"

"We're in a foreign country and you don't speak the language," he tries to be logical, but so is Jaejoong "I've had my phone and a cameraman with me. And it was close by. But if it will make you feel better, I'll ask you next time."

He sticks his pinky finger before Jaejoong's face, waiting for him to grab it. The other complies, of course not without saying "that's really childish, Yunho".

"Good, now feed us!" as the sentence leaves his mouth, he's prepared for the outcome and he's not disappointed, as Jaejoong hits him on his head.

They finally get paired up together for their third mission, which happens to be taking pictures of couples.

Taking stroll through the streets of Paris, Yunho gets to see exactly how much did the singer fall in love with photography.

He notices something, deciding to point it out. "I like how you unconsciously smile, when you take pictures."

"Do I? It's just I'm really enjoying it, the world looks different through the lense, it became my way of releasing stress. And looking on the pictures later brings back the memories from that time. Isn't that awesome? Something so simple holds that much power..." he explains, smiling softly to himself.

"That's true, I didn't think about it that way. We take pictures to remember the moment." Yunho agrees.

"Yes. And this," he gestures around them, "is rare for me. It's like that for you too, right? Not being able to walk freely on streets."

"You definitely have it worse, but yes, this feels like another world, it's healing."

"Right? And having great company helps too." Jaejoong adds and Yunho frowns suspiciously.

"Are you talking about me, or did you mean Hyesung?"

Jaejoong starts laughing. "Why are you dragging Hyesung into it? Are you jealous of her?"

He means it as joke, but when Yunho doesn't answer and his cheeks take on pink shade, his jaw drops.

"No way!" he calls, locking arms with the actor to see his expression better.

"You're very cute when you're embarrassed." he teases, groaning when Yunho pinches his side in punishment.

"Well, if that's the case, do you dare to make our date better then the one I've had with her?" he throws at him and judging by Yunho's face, he's taking on the challenge.

"Deal. Don't complain when you fall for me by the end of the day." he says but deep inside, he has a feeling this is going to backfire on him rather spectacularly.

Jaejoong looks very confident, answering simple: "Bring it on."

Next thing he knows, they are walking alongside river, taking pictures of each other, shopping for souvenirs, getting ice cream and sitting on a bench in nearby park, the reason they are there forgotten for the moment. It isn't until the cameraman reminds them around lunch time, that in fact they haven't taken a single picture for the mission.

"Oops, let's go then. We need to find more crowded place." Yunho smiles cheekily.

"This is easy, aren't there couples everywhere?" Yunho looks at the people scattered across the plaza, going straight to the first pair, asking if they are couple in English.

They are not, and when he gets negative response few times in a row, Jaejoong starts laughing at him.

"What's wrong, you said it's easy!" he teases him.

Instead of glaring at him, he makes risky move by grabbing his hand with sweet smile, fingers entwined, saying: "Maybe we should use our photo, we look like a couple too."

Jaejoong holds his hand tighter, smiling happily. "I don't think we would get away with that."

"We won't know that until we try." he challenges but when Jaejoong releases his hold on him, he regrets it, thinking he went over the line.

To his surprise, the singer presses to his side instead, hand resting comfortably on his lower back, camera pointed in their faces and before he processes what's happening, there's a click heard, followed by Jaejoong's laughter.

"You look like you've seen a ghost. Cooperate a bit, we won't win like this."

And that's all he needs, hugging Jaejoong around his small waist, both relaxing into each other's embrace, smiling from ear to ear. They take several photos, making silly expressions on few of them, when group of girls approaches them, asking if they want them to take their picture. Finding the situation hilarious, they agree.

"You look really cute together." comments the girl returning Jaejoong his camera.

Yunho's face is already hurting from smiling too much, but when Jaejoong actually thanks her for saying that, he looses it, dropping on the ground, laughing till tears form in his eyes.

He's poked by a shoe, amused voice hitting him. "They think you're crazy."

Getting hold on himself, Yunho looks up, asking: "Come on, don't you find it ridiculous?" seeing Jaejoong grinning at him. "Totally. But unlike you, I'm more conscious about my surroundings and the fact that this is being recorded."

"Oh shit, you're right!" he curses, realizing his mistake right away, clapping hand over his mouth but it's too late.

"Good save, now this can't be aired." Jaejoong manages to say before bursting into fit of laughter himself.

Miraculously, they have found couples that allowed them to take their pictures and they could go back with light steps, satisfied with the results. And even though the highlight of the day was supposed to be a dinner in French restaurant, nothing could top the memories they have made. That night, they end up sitting on Yunho's bed, shoulders touching, noses buried in their phones, sharing pictures of interesting places, foods and their animals.

"I'm not surprised you have two cats." Yunho comments.

"What do you mean?" asks Jaejoong, tilting his head to the side, making Yunho point at him.

"This! You're literally like a cat!"

"Jung Yunho, are you secretly my fan? Because you say things like them." the singer laughs.

"I surely became one on this trip." he grins.

Jaejoong shakes his head. "You didn't even hear me singing."

"Doesn't matter, it's your personality. And you can sing for me now."

"I'm not a jukebox!"

"Didn't say that. So will you sing for me?"

He starts intensely poking him in his side and Jaejoong rolls out of the bed laughing, climbs into his own and throws pillow at him.

"No! Go to sleep!"

Listening to his own advice, he covers himself up, turning away from the annoying man.

"Don't you need your pillow back?" Yunho asks amused, holding it out for him.

"No!" comes the sulky reply.

"Suit yourself." he snorts, hugging the pillow to his chest, curious to see if it will be gone in the morning or not.

When he comes up to, looking around disoriented, his gaze falls on sleeping Yunho, hugging his missing pillow. The sight of his mouth wide open with eyes slightly parted sets him into fit of giggles and he chokes trying to keep quiet. His coughing fit wakes up Yunho, who looks at him sleepily, blinking adorably before realizing the singer might actually need help. Without thinking he jumps into the other's bed, his hand coming between Jaejoong's shoulder blades tapping there gently. Jaejoong takes the offered comfort, not in condition to reject it anyway. When he finally catches his breath, he almost has it taken away again as Yunho's other hand starts whipping at his tears. "You okay?" The rock star nods, almost reluctantly, afraid the other will move away. But he doesn't, holding him close, worry written all over his face. To hell with it. Jaejoong thinks, giving in to his urge and hugging the actor, face hidden in his neck. Yunho's hands come around him in matter of second, no hesitation at all.

Yunho is first to break the silence: "You know, now I can't decide if you were acting just to get a hug or needed my help for real."

Jaejoong grumbles: "You think way highly of your hugs," but doesn't move, on the contrary, he nuzzles deeper into his neck, Yunho making place for him willingly. Seconds stretch into minutes, both getting lulled back to sleep by the other's heartbeat, when suddenly a loud bang from the kitchen jerks them awake.

"If someone comes through the door, I'm going to kill them." Jaejoong warns sleepily, more feeling than hearing Yunho's quiet laughter.

"We don't want that, should we get up?" he whispers into the man's fragrant hairline.

"One more minute." mumbles Jaejoong cutely, already halfway back to sleep.

"Okay, but if you don't get up, I'm going to kiss you." he threatens jokingly, only to get shocked by the reply, "Doesn't sound like punishment to me..." hoping the singer is sleepy enough to not notice his heartbeat going wild at that.

In the end, there was no kissing, sadly, Yunho thinks and thankfully no killing, because it was Jaejoong's phone that broke the spell. As they stand in a studio, being told to practice for professional photoshoot with real French models, Yunho looks at Jaejoong, dresses in black blouse hugging his figure nicely and thinks back to their yesterday's date. He was right, his plan totally backfired on him. He doesn't know whether it's the romantic city, how much they have in common or their constant teasing and increasing flirting, but there's an ongoing storm of feelings inside him and he has no idea what to do about it. Apart from going on with what he starts and this morning, there's no indication on how the singer feels. He treats everyone kindly, that much he's observed. But did he caught the stunning male's interest in the way Jaejoong caught his?

When it's their turn, Jaejoong does something, that undoubtedly answers his question. After the first casual pose, the rockstar opens two more buttons on his shirt, opening it and giving him intensive inviting gaze, his hand messing up his hair a bit. Yunho barely keeps himself together, ignoring the girls squealing behind him and forcing his finger to press the shutter few times, before Jaejoong goes back with a smirk playing on his lips.

Leaning to him, Yunho whispers into his ear, purposely making his voice breathy and making sure his lips touch it. "Tease."

He feels him shiver slightly, sensitive reaction he likes, but otherwise the other stays completely still, like a statue.

Needless to say, Yunho couldn't care less about the models posing for them later. He tried to stay focused for the sake of the show but his interest was elsewhere. Thinking Jaejoong didn't notice, giving his best to the Vogue photoshoot he was offered to do, he was in for a surprise, when the singer cornered him during a break, asking him to "please stop staring, I can't focus". He has given his hand gentle squeeze, occupying himself with conversations with the boys after that, not wanting to ruin Jaejoong's moment to shine. Which he did, taking the whole thing professionally.

"I'm so proud of you, you deserved this." he praises him when they lay down in their beds.

The tired yet happy smile Jaejoong gives him will be imprinted in his memory forever.

The big day has finally come, it's time for them to go on the fashion show and put into use everything they learned. But first there's a last lesson, photographing models on runaway. Yunho dislikes the model very much, not being afraid to show it. He's tall, handsome, has blue eyes and Jaejoong is beyond himself, praising him, dressing him up, giving more compliments and by the time they are done, Yunho is pretty much pissed. Once the model is gone, Jaejoong comes back to his side, slipping hand into his and letting go only when he's calm again. That morning he learns the power Kim Jaejoong holds. His touch comforts people and is full of love.

It becomes chaotic after that, they are separated, Jaejoong is the only one allowed to go backstage together with their teacher, while he's stuck with the other guys, literally fighting for a good spot outside on the red carpet.

It feels like forever until they are back in their house and Yunho swears he's never ever doing that again. While the experience was great, he can do without it.

Despite looking tired, Jaejoong radiates happiness and Yunho settles next to him for a small talk, both naturally leaning on the other now.

"Was it hard?" he asks, running soothing circles on Jaejoong's back.

The singer chuckles, "It was like a battlefield, I never felt more intimidated."

He has to agree with that. "Yeah, same. We were pushed around so much."

"You too? I even got yelled at for blocking some guy's light."

"Asshole." states Yunho, pulling Jaejoong closer.

They are sitting with their backs resting on the headboard, slightly turned to side to face the other, legs entwined and hands around the waists.

Jaejoong giggles at his name for the unknown man. "I never imagined being a photographer is this hard."

"Right? It seemed like a cool job but now I'm even more sure I like to be in front of the camera better."

"Good, I'll be taking your pictures then." he offeres.

"I would like that." Yunho replies softly, barely resisting the urge to press kiss to Jaejoong's temple right next to his lips.

To distract himself, he asks: "Do you want to sleep?" getting a small nod.

"Okay, good night." he gently pulls out of their embrace after squeezing him one last time, going back to his bed.

The next morning is busy, the last trip scheduled to Normandy is their actual vacation, no more missions. No one had time for breakfast, resulting in them getting hungry on the way, having to stop at a grocery store. Seho kindly offers to pay for everyone's food, receiving their endless thanks. They start eating the moment they get back in the bus like they didn't get fed for a week. He's pleasantly surprised when Jaejoong offers him piece of his sandwich, that turns into them feeding each other. It feels so nice he can completely ignore the teasing from their co-stars, smiling gently as Jaejoong fights them back fiercely before turning to him with soft eyes, the emotion he desperately wanted to see in his eyes shining there clearly. The monotone swinging of the bus puts them to sleep one by one, Yunho settling on Jaejoong's shoulder, heart almost bursting with happiness when he feels the very soft touch of pair of lips press to the top of his head.

For the rest of the day, as they visit an apple farm to try Calvados Jaejoong fell in love with and ride horses while watching sunset, Yunho thinks how this is their last night in France and how would going back home change everything. Even now, when Jaejoong offered to grill their meat, he gets up to help him, wanting to stay by his side longer but is stopped by Seho.

"I heard Yunho can't cook, please don't let him ruin our last dinner here."

"I just wanted to help." he whines.

Jaejoong is quick to reply: "You can help by sitting here at the table, enjoying the view."

Yunho rises his eyebrow, smirking, "Of you cooking? Can do that."

The rockstar realizes his mistake, blushing, "N-no! I meant... Ah, whatever," he gives up as everyone laughs at him.

They all must feel sad this is their last day, no one is ready to go to sleep despite the late hour. Hyesung is currently begging Jaejoong to play piano and sing for them, using against him the fact she gave him a clean toothbrush. He doesn't really want to, nervous to play in the small circle they have.

"I would like to hear it too, you said I can't be your fan when I didn't hear you sing. Please!" Yunho joins the begging and it's the puppy face he makes that breaks Jaejoong's willpower, getting up in resignation and heading to the small room with a piano.

Samuel sits right next to him and he pretends he's giving him a lesson, trying not to listen to the sounds from behind him. He feels Yunho close, but he's not brave enough to look at him. His private concert ends around midnight, Seho and Gunhee being already deep asleep, not joining them in the first place.

This time, Yunho's not only his roommate, they are sharing one king sized bed. When he closes the door behind himself, Yunho's already in there, reading something on his phone. He gets on the left side, the side he prefers, marveling how did Yunho know.

"Can I switch the lights off?" he asks, waiting for the confirmation before doing so.

They should rest, he knows, the eleven hours long flight waiting for them tomorrow, but his thoughts are too loud. He has so many questions about the relationship between him and the man next to him. He starts turning from side to side, stopping abruptly when he realizes it might disturb Yunho. But when he hears a quiet sigh from him, he knows they won't get any sleep without resolving everything.

"Do you want to talk?" he asks in the darkness.

Instead of verbal answer, Yunho moves into sitting position, switching the lights back on. The sudden brightness blinds them both for a moment, but they get over it soon and Jaejoong sits up as well.

"Are we both thinking the same?" Yunho asks, looking at him expectantly.

Jaejoong takes on the cue, saying it out loud. "What's going to happen to us, when we return to Seoul..."


Silence follows and just as Jaejoong can't take it anymore, Yunho continues.

"Jae... All the flirting and joking... While it started as fun, somewhere on the way, it became real. Do you remember our first "date"?"

His voice is soothing and gentle, making Jaejoong smile as he nods, "You told me not to complain when I fall for you..."

He's looking at Yunho's hand placed between them, deciding to take a hold of it, to get the courage to continue.

"...so I didn't." he finishes, tentatively meeting Yunho's eyes.

The actor lets out the breath he was holding, letting it escape him in the form of shaky laughter.

Placing his hand on Jaejoong's cheek, he whispers, caressing it gently: "I don't know what will happen once we get back home, but I want to give this a chance. I really like you."

When Jaejoong moves closer to him, he's there to meet him halfway, letting their bodies do the rest of the talking as their lips move together, getting the chance to do what they longed for. As they break apart, nothing seems so gloomy anymore. Yes, it's going to be hard, with their busy schedules and crazy fans, but they are both determined to make it work. Sleep comes easily to them after that, in the arms of someone precious to their heart.

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