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A posledná časť Picture of You, nasledujúca po The Life Goes On. Táto kapitola je +18!

Peaceful days seem to be over for them as Yunho's unhappy accident starts all sorts of events that lead them to almost loose everything.

Pairing: yunjae

Rating: NC-17

Genre: smut, slight angst, drama, slice of life

Christmas. The holidays you should spend with your loved ones. Usually, Jaejoong spends it with his fans or alone. Not this year. Coming home from his hi-touch event, he doesn't feel lonely for the first time as someone is waiting for him. He's tired, his body hurts and when Yunho welcomes him with warm kiss and loving embrace, he almost cries at how good that feels.

"I think you need nice warm bath." the actor whispers.

Not wanting to part from his boyfriend, he suggests: "You should keep me company, I might drown."

Yunho takes shaky breath, tightening the hold on him. Due to his drama, they didn't have a time to be intimate and didn't go beyond desperate kisses and touches. Rushed sex was not something either of them wanted. But now they've had all the time. He's brought back to reality by a playful bite on his lower lip, soothed by soft pair of lips and for a moment, he gets lost in their sweet kisses.

"So? Are you joining me? You might not get this opportunity again any time soon." the little vixen in his arms whispers.

He walks away after that and Yunho blinks, not sure if Jaejoong really offered him that or if it was only his wishful thinking. The sound of the water running finally prompts him to move, grabbing a bottle of red wine from the dinning table, pouring it into two glasses prepared there and taking it with him to the bathroom. Jaejoong is already sitting in the bathtub, knees under his chin, absently watching the rising water form more bubbles. Yunho stops to look at the naked form of his boyfriend for a moment, itching to trace the tattoos he can see with his lips. He isn't a big fan of tattoos, yet they look incredible on the soft skin before him. Small disappointed sigh coming from the man in the bathtub interrupts the silence and Yunho moves then, letting him know of his presence by offering him one of the glasses. Jaejoong looks at him genuinely surprised and he chuckles.

"You think I would reject offer like that?" he asks gently, drinking from his glass and placing it on the cupboard to undress.

The other's attention is on the wine, sipping it slowly, lips stretched into small smile that widens when he hears Yunho settling behind him, his long legs stretched on either side of him.

Pleading whisper "come here" washes over him and he turns the tap off, moving backwards till his back hits the bare chest. Yunho doesn't let him lean on him though and he looks back confused, only to get his wine taken away. He doesn't get any explanation, instead the actor takes a sponge and rubs his back gently, smiling to himself. Jaejoong decides not to comment on it, letting the other do whatever he has in a mind, placing hands on Yunho's knees, rubbing them. When Yunho deems him wet and clean enough, he drops the sponge, replacing it by his fingers, starting to massage his neck, slowly working his way down.

"Your hands are magical." Jaejoong moans appreciatively, getting lightheaded from all the attention on his body as well as the hot water.

Strong arms wrap around his waist, pulling him against their owner's chest.

"Well thank you." the husky whisper into his ear makes him melt into the embrace.

It takes one nib on his earlobe to make him shudder in need, grabbing Yunho's inner thighs, urging him to continue. As the teasing lips move to his neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses he feels his cock filling. He presses closer, head falling on the other's shoulder, turning his head for a kiss. Yunho rocks his hips forward and the moan he lets out at the feel of his boyfriend's hardness pressing against his lower back is swallowed in hungry kiss. Suddenly there's a hand on his erection, the first stroke a bit unsure but that changes after his encouraging noises. He breaks their kiss, his whisper "bed" turning into moan. They struggle to get out of the bathtub, the lust making their minds hazy. There's an attempt to briefly dry their bodies up. Attempt being the key word as they get drawn to each other, loosing themselves in kisses again. Jaejoong is first to give up, letting the towel fall, wrapping arms around Yunho's neck to bring him closer, impatiently bitting and sucking, bringing out deep groan from Yunho's throat. The walk to Jaejoong's bedroom would be funny if they weren't so turned on, as they refuse to part. Few trips and stops later, they finally fall on the bed, Jaejoong on top. He breaks the kiss, sitting up astride the actor, breathing heavy, eyes clouded and lips swollen. The sight makes Yunho groan, his cock twitching, leaking precome against the other's ass. Jaejoong starts rocking with a sexy smirk, not helping his situation at all.

"God Jae, stop, you're going to make me come before we even get to do anything." he groans when his hard cock slips between ass checks at the movements and he grips the sinful male tightly.

"Oh baby, I haven't even started yet." the gorgeous male teases, sliding down his body.

Yunho braces himself, already knowing what his lover has in mind but the first lick on his erection still makes him grip the sheets with groan. Jaejoong holds his hips down, licking, kissing and stroking the length, enjoying the curses Yunho throws around to stop him from teasing.

"You better be still able to fuck me after I make you come." Jaejoong threatens and when Yunho opens his mouth to reply, he swallows him down whole, sucking hard.

"Fuck!" Yunho feels his cock hitting the back of his throat and he grabs Jaejoong's hair, tugging gently to set the tempo.

He desperately wants to move, when Jaejoong happily moans around his cock at his guide and he feels his orgasm approaching. Any embarrassment he felt about coming too soon is thrown out of the window, he's not made of stone to stand so much pleasure for too long. He wants to warn Jaejoong, but the stuff he does with his tongue is like straight from his dreams and all he can do is helplessly moan his name, filling the other's mouth. He's a panting mess as Jaejoong crawles up his body, hot lips marking the way. His limbs feel heavy when he tries to hug Jaejoong to himself but the singer shrugs his hands off in order to get up and search his nightstand. Yunho is watching all the exposed skin, from the tiny waist, broad shoulders, to his muscles flexing, even the small curve of his ass and he feels his softened cock come back to life, dropping  a hand to stroke himself. When Jaejoong turns back to him, a bottle of tube in hand, and sees his ongoing action, he smirks.

Falling back on top of him, he whispers: "Ready for more?"

"Absolutely." he grins, stealing the plump lips in deep kiss.

There's a subtle taste of his come left in Jaejoong's mouth and the discovery strangely makes him even harder. Kneeding the small buttocks, he rolls them over, the rockstar using the position to wrap his legs around Yunho's waist immediately. Jaejoong's little noises, hands messing up his hair and the heel of his foot caressing his butt and thighs are driving him crazy.

Yunho breaks their kiss. "God, Jaejoong, you're amazing..."

He doesn't let the singer have the chance to answer, capturing his lips again as his fingers slip to tease his opening. His other hand searches for the bottle Jaejoong laid next to them. Once he gets a hold of it, he sits up in order to squeeze it into his hand, warming it up before bringing it in between Jaejoong's parted legs. The singer is watching him intensely, closing his eyes only briefly when the first finger is gently pushed into his body, moving around slowly.

"Just tell me if it hurts..." he whispers, adding another digit.

Jaejoong takes shuddering breath but relaxes soon after.

"I'm fine, keep going. Maybe come here for a kiss." the beautiful male smiles up at him, giving him no other choice than obligate.

His hand keeps working while they exchange loving kisses and third finger joins the welcoming heat. It's met with a slight resistance yet as before, the singer adjusts rather quickly.

"So nice and relaxed." Yunho praises, voice husky.

The image of being one with this wonderful creature holding him close makes him almost lose control, so he focuses on Jaejoong's pleasure, searching inside him. Probably a bit too obviously, as Jaejoong chuckles.

"Silly, don't think too much." he whispers.

He brings Yunho's face closer, pecking his nose gently.

"But I want to..." he starts only to get interrupted with a kiss.

"Shh, I'm enjoying this too... I want you inside me."

Jaejoong's words are whispered, yet laced with so many emotions Yunho feels like bursting. Did sex always felt like this? No, this is not just a sex.

"I love you so much." Yunho's voice comes out a lot more hoarse than he expected, even cracking slightly at one point but he still gets answered with a big smile.

"I love you too."

Jaejoong is perfect for him and as he grabs the lube again in order to slick his erection, he voices his thoughts.

"How did I get so lucky to end up with you?"

"God, you're so cheesy." Jaejoong complains, yet the smile never leaves his face.

"Are you comfortable?" he asks, aligning their lower parts.

"Yes, Yunho, I'm not going to break. Will you fuck me already?"

The romantic spell is broken just like that and Yunho pushes forward, groaning out "so bossy."

"N-not bossy... Just turned on..." the singer lets out with eyes closed, focused on relaxing his body that is fighting against the penetration.

Seeing the frown on his lover's face, Yunho leans forward to distract him with a kiss. Completely wrapped around each other, hands caressing whatever part of skin they get to, tongues dancing together, the actor starts moving his hips slowly, swallowing their twin groans. One of his hands reaches down to take hold of Jaejoong's leaking cock, stroking it. Setting steady rhythm, he changes his position slightly, looking for a more comfortable position when Jaejoong leaves out loud moan, his cock twitching.

"Yes! Faster, Yunho!"

The breathy request hits him like a wave and he straightens up, grabbing the singer's waist with both hands, giving him exactly what he wanted. Their breathy moans, groans and the obscene sound of skin slapping against skin is echoing around the room. Yunho takes in the flushed, sweaty glow on his lover's skin and snaps his hips harder, chasing on his second release.

"So close, baby." Jaejoong breathes out.

The rockstar takes hold of his own erection, his pace totally messy but it seems to be enough as he's covering his toned belly in his own come suddenly, his walls squeezing the cock buried inside of him almost painfully. All that combined pushes Yunho over the edge and with a loud groan, he spends himself in the warmth surrounding him. He drops himself on Jaejoong, the other huffing at his weight but kisses him on his damp temple anyway.

"That was amazing..." Yunho admits when he finally catches his breath, looking up at his other half.

Stroking his hair gently, Jaejoong is smiling, eyes full of love as he nods.

"But we need another bath, we're all gross." the singer scrunches his nose cutely.

"You look pretty beautiful to me, not gross at all." Yunho grins affectionately.

He's telling the truth though, he's sure Jaejoong is incapable of looking bad.

"Nice try."

"I'm honest! And I don't wanna move yet!" he burries his face into the other's chest, listening to Jaejoong's crazy heartbeat calming down. Just like his own.

"Okay, two more minutes but then we're getting up." Jaejoong resignated.


"Ah! Finally at home!" Jaejoong throws his backpack on the floor and goes straight to his sofa, falling on it like a sack of potatoes.

The action is so unlike him Yunho rises an eyebrow. Taking both of their bags, he places them near the wall in living room, stopping long enough to pet the cats that came to greet them.

"Are you that tired?" he chuckles, watching the unmoving body of his boyfriend.

Jaejoong's face is pressed into the white leather and he wonders how he can breathe. There are muffled sounds coming from him and Yunho sits next to him, taking off his hat and messing up his hair.

"I can't understand you, love."

Huffing, the singer turns his face sideways, repeating "I said I can't feel my feet!"

"And whose fault is that? What did you think, taking brand new shoes on a hike?" he teases him.

Jaejoong groans "thanks for supporting me" and turns his head to the other side so he won't see his boyfriend's stupidly annoying grin.

He was promised a light hike, not the six hours long torture Yunho put him through. When he feels himself being manhandled, he wants nothing more than kick him in the face but he's too tired for that, so he uses his well trained voice instead. At that moment, Yunho is glad the walls are thick otherwise someone would call a police on him for Jaejoong is screaming bloody murder. Even Nene who was approaching them runs to hide.

"Fuck, you have a strong voice." he winces once he has the singer in his arms, taking him to the bathroom.

"As a singer, I'll take that as a compliment." Jaejoong smirks evilly, giving up on the fight.

Yunho's embrace is very nice. But more than that, he doesn't want the other to drop him.

As if reading his mind, the actor rolls his eyes "not so fierce anymore?" adding with softer tone "I would never drop you, not even on accident."

Jaejoong finally smiles, pressing quick kiss to his mouth. "I know."

Bathed and feet massaged, Jaejoong sits behind the dinning table, deciding which pictures from their trip to post on Instagram. Yunho is making instant ramen for them, the only thing he's trusted to make without messing up, even if Jaejoong jokes sometimes he's capable of ruining even that. He finally settles on few pictures of landscape and posts them, clicking on his stories next, wanting to add one with Yunho. He stops on one they have taken in the restaurant, confined in a private room. It brings smile on his face and he presses on it to see it in full size.

A loud hitting sound followed by Yunho's curse brings his head up, casually asking "you okay?" until he sees his boyfriend grabbing onto the kitchen counter for support, holding the side of his head.

A thin streak of red coming underneath the palm is all it takes for him to drop his phone and run to the wincing actor.

"Oh my God Yunho, you're bleeding!"

He helps him to get on a chair and snatches some kitchen towels to press on the wound.

"Let me see." he asks, trying to sound calm to not scare the man.

Yunho places his cheek on the cool glass, letting the singer take care of him. He's feeling dizzy from the hit and closes his eyes against the throbing pain. Jaejoong swallows hard, he can't see the wound because of the blood and he tries to absorb it with the tissues.

"I think I should call an ambulance..."

It's a miracle his voice isn't shaking. His hands definitely are.

"I didn't hit it that hard..." Yunho groans, trying to feel up the hurt place but Jaejoong battles his hand away.

"There's much more blood than I like. How are you feeling?" the concern in his voice is crystal clear.

"Like I'm dying?" the actor tries to joke.

Their phones start ringing in that moment, vibrating in their respective places but it's their last concern right now.

"Yunho, this isn't funny, please..."

His voice finally breaks towards the end, tears filling his eyes and he tries to blink them away as Yunho looks up at him through heavy eyelids. The dizziness is still there, just not as strong anymore and he gently takes a hold of Jaejoong's trembling hand, wanting to kiss it but it's covered in his blood and it gives him pause, fear gnawing at him. But then again, he doesn't feel that bad?

"I'm fine, really. I'm already feeling better. Maybe grab a first aid kit if you have one here?" he suggests.

Jaejoong shakes his head "it's upstairs, I'm not leaving you here alone."

He carefully takes off the soaked tissue, inspecting the wound closely and heaves a sigh of relief when he can finally see it. He almost laughs. It can't be bigger than two centimeters and it is still bleeding. Their phones didn't stop ringing and he sends the devices annoyed glare. Whatever it is, it can wait. His phone especially has been vibrating like crazy, it has even moved to the corner of the table, hanging on for dear life. Softly pressing clean towels to Yunho's temple, he watches it go off again, this call finally pushing it off the table. He winces at he fall but turns his attention back to the silent actor.

"The blood is slowly stopping. Can I leave you for a second? I'll go look for the kit..." he asks unsure.

"Go, I'm okay."

Although he gives him a small smile, he remains on the table, the cold touch comforting him. Jaejoong guides his hand to hold the ball of papers.

"Just hold it in place and don't move, okay?" with the last instruction, he almost runs up the stairs.

When he gets back, everything is like it was. Yunho resting on the table and his phone is still ringing on the floor, screen down.

"Someone is really trying to get a hold of you." Yunho points out the obvious, the sound getting on his nerves.

With a frown, Jaejoong admits that it's true. He'll check on it as soon as he's sure Yunho is alright.

"That's not important now. Do you want to move to bed?" sitting next to him, he opens the kit.

"After you're done."

Cleaning the wound, Jaejoong starts carefully, pretty sure his boyfriend is not going to like it: "Yunho, let me take you to a hospital. What if you have a concussion? Head injuries are no joke."


He's been thinking while searching his bathroom and he should have sat Yunho in the car right away.

"No, please. Maybe they will say it's nothing but just to be sure. You really scared me."

Yunho sighs. "I guess I don't have a choice?"

The singer kisses him, whispering "you always have a choice. But I'm doing this for your health."

"Fine... And take that damn phone with you." he grumbles.

The doctor assured them the injury is not serious, it didn't even need stitches. He's send Yunho for a scan anyway, agreeing with Jaejoong on the possibility of inner damage despite looking fine outside. Having to wait for the results, Jaejoong finally looks at his phone. It has been ringing nonstop and once the fear he's felt about Yunho dissolved enough to think about something else than him, he realized something serious must have happened. The screen is broken, as he expected, but he can see the huge amount of missed calls and messages. From his manager, friends, company, even some unknown numbers. Before he has a time to go through them, it lights up again, flashing Kyungtae's name and he picks up.

"Finally! Where the hell are you? I've been trying to reach you forever! Have you lost your fucking mind?!"

He has to pull the phone away from his ear, his manager is yelling. He never yells at him, something is very wrong.

"I'm at hospital with Yunho." he quickly says when Kyungtae pauses to take a breath.

"Hospital? Oh my God, what else?!"

"Yunho hit his head on my kitchen cabinet. He was bleeding pretty badly so I brought him here." he explains, looking at his bloody hands.

He didn't have a time to wash them and suddenly the sight makes his stomach twist.

"Is he okay?" Kyungtae's voice finally returns back to normal, now genuinely concerned about the well-being of the actor.

"He should be fine, they are making him some tests right now to be sure."

There's a relieved sigh from the other side, followed by "I'm glad he's fine..."

"Yeah, me too..."

They both get silent for a couple of seconds until the manager remembers why he has called in the first place.

"Jae why did you do it? Without telling anyone beforehand? We agreed on something with the company. Do you know what a total mess you just created?"

"Woah, slow down, I have no idea what you're taking about." Jaejoong scrunched his face in confusion.

"Don't play stupid! The photo!"

He hears the irritation loud and clear, yet it still doesn't ring a bell.

"What photo."

"The one with Yunho you posted on Instagram!"

"I didn't post..." he stops mid sentence, the memory of what happened before the accident hitting him.

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" he grabs his hair in despair, panic settling in.

"Kyungtae, please tell me I didn't accidentally post the photo of me and Yunho..." his throat gets dry, unable to finish the horrific sentence.

In the next moment his manager confirms his worst fear. "Of you kissing? Yes, you did. It's already trending worldwide..."

Jaejoong sees black before his eyes, not registering the door next to him opening, until Yunho is crouching right before him, expression worried.

"Jae, what happened?"

"We're fucked..." he whispers.

"Yes, you are. Call the company, when you get home, I'm going to let Yunho's manager know what happened."

With that, the line goes dead and Jaejoong drops his hand, staring in front of him unseeing.

"Jae?" Yunho calls him again, placing hand on his knee and that snaps him back to reality.

"We need to leave, now. I'll explain at home." he grabs their things.

Yunho watches him confused, his concern growing.

"What did the doctor say?" Jaejoong is nervous, his eyes are scanning the hallway.

"Light concussion. I should take a break for few days, no driving, phone or TV. But other than that, I'm fine." he's following the smaller male walking hurriedly outside.

The singer slows down at that, looking at him carefully to see if he needs any help. "See? Told you it was good idea to get checked."

While the other is answering him, it feels like his focus is elsewhere and Yunho frowns.

Once they are in the safety of Jaejoong's car, Yunho questions: "Okay, what happened, who called you?"

Taking his hand, Jaejoong assures him: "I'll tell you everything when we get home, I promise."

They finally clean themselves up, Yunho going to bed on his own, admitting that his head hurts and he's too tired. He didn't forget Jaejoong's promise, he simply didn't have the power to deal with it, falling asleep as soon as his boyfriend settled next to him. Jaejoong watches his chest rise and fall, the stress of everything momentary catching up with him and he hugs Yunho close. The fear of losing him is still lingering in his mind. He feels his phone ringing again and with a sigh, he gets up and leaves the room.

After the thirty minute long call with the CEO of his company himself, Jaejoong feels like a shit, completely drained out of energy. As if that not being enough, he's had to answer a similar call from Yunho's company as well, explaining everything. In both phonecalls the question about whether to confirm their relationship or not has fallen and he has given them affirmative answer, there was no other way now. He goes to check on Yunho, finding the other awake.

"Hey..." his voice is weak but he tries to smile for him, masking his feelings.

They have been together fot eight monts now, so Yunho sees right through him, gently taking hold of his hand when he gets to the bed next to him.

"You look exhausted..." he points out.

He knows he doesn't need to ask the other to explain, he will do it anyway. He's preparing for all sorts of horrible things that make the pain in his head worse. The singer finally breaks the silence, starting from the beginning.

"Before you hit your head, I was looking at one picture... And it turns out I accidentally posted it when I ran to help you..."

Bad feeling settles into the pit of his stomach, yet he still asks "what picture?"

Instead of answering, he shows him.

"We're fucked." Yunho repeats his earlier words from the hospital.

"I talked to both our companies. It was ugly... They confirmed it for the media and our schedules for the next few days are canceled...I'm sorry..."

From all the possible pictures, it had to be that one. He wanted to take a photo of them kissing and Yunho complied willingly. They have actually taken few more innocent ones, with either of them kissing the other's cheek at most. Those could have been explained as friendly teasing gestures, but not this one. He looks at the delete option sadly. Is there even a point in deleting it now? It has been up for some time, no doubt his fans have already downloaded it and spread everywhere. To test his theory, he goes on Twitter, but the app crashes and he sighs, knowing it's probably due to the extreme amount of notifications he's gotten. With another long sigh, he deletes the photo from his stories and turns to face the man next to him. He doesn't say anything, staring at the band aid on his temple.

The tension between them is unbearable and he wants to ask how is the other feeling but instead he looks away, mumbling "I'm sorry" again. While they talked about going public with their relationship, it was in the far future. The fear of what's going to happen overpowers him, he doesn't have a courage to face the world now. He fights the tears forming in his eyes, he has no right to cry, it was his fault. This is not only about him, he possibly ended Yunho's career as well, just like that, by pressing a wrong button. When he feels the soft touch of Yunho's hand on his cheek, he chockes on a sob, the wall keeping all the emotions inside him breaking and he throws himself at him, burying his face into his boyfriend's chest. He's greeted with warm embrace that makes him cry even harder. Yunho should be angry at him, yelling, slamming door and leaving. But no, the wonderful man holding him has only love for him. He keeps apologizing between his cries, making a total mess of Yunho's shirt. The actor doesn't try to say anything, calming him with soft kisses and touches. Slowly, he quiets down and that's when Yunho coaches his head up, wanting him to look into his eyes.

"Listen to me, Jae. What's done is done, you didn't do it on purpose, so stop blaming yourself and apologizing. I admit, this is not how I expected it to happen, but we're in this together, do you understand?" his voice is firm yet gentle, making Jaejoong want to cry again.

" I don't deserve you..." he whispers.

Yunho shakes his head, "That's not true, I love you and I'm afraid we're stuck together for good. Unless you want to leave me, but I would chase you around the world if needed."

He chuckles, appreciating the effort to lighten the mood. Pecking the lips in front of him, he returns the confession with his own soft "I love you too."

"We'll get through this." Yunho promises against his lips.

While that sounds nice, he can't help asking "How?"

Yunho thinks for a moment, smiling slightly in the end. "What about starting by turning our phones off? You have a land line, which the people important to us have the number for. Since both our schedules are canceled now and I can't really look at any screen, we can wait for things to calm down without the unnecessary stress of looking at what other people have to say about our private lives."

He gives him doubtful look. "It won't dissappear just because we ignore it."

"No, but it won't help checking our phones either, you'll only feel worse." Yunho says genuinely concerned.

"I guess you're right... Just... Let me post something before that, I can't leave them like this..." he whispers, thinking about his fans and how they must feel right now.

"Oh Jae, you don't need my approval, I won't ever get between you and your fans, I know how much you treasure them." Yunho caresses his face gently, voice laced with the same emotion.

Jaejoong shakes his head. "This isn't only about me, it also concerns you."

He gets the brilliant smile he loves so much. "Thank you for thinking about me" Yunho expresses his gratitude, softly kissing his nose.

"You don't have to go offline if you don't want to, but I can't look at the comments." he adds.

"No, it's not healthy. And like you said, we're in this together. Who would keep you company?" smiling, he grabs his phone, opening the guilty Instagram app.

He snaps a photo covering his camera to make the background black, thinking for a moment before starting to type. Yunho is settled comfortably next to him, probably dozing off again, holding him close and it's the warmth of the other that gives him the power to say what he wants.

I didn't want you to find out like this, I'm sorry. We wanted to tell you, the timing was just never right. Is it weird that part of me is relieved, even if the photo was posted on accident? I don't have to hide something so important from you anymore. Some of you must be upset and I understand that, but we're all humans in the end and falling for someone can't be controlled, right?

This doesn't mean anything has changed between you and me, I still love you all very much, which is exactly why I'm writing this, it felt wrong to stay quiet.

Thank you for always loving me and showing your support, my precious fans.

Take care till the next time we see each other

He reads it over once, posting it quickly before he can change his mind and delete the whole thing. After that, he turns the phone off, snuggling to Yunho with a sigh, receiving kiss on his forehead. Being prisoner in your own house could be worse, they still have each other. At least this way he can take care of Yunho's injury in peace.

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