Lucifer's Key

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Táto ff bola napísaná spolu s mojou kamarátkou Chachi

He was angry. No, that was an understatement. Seething, ready to tear someone apart with his bare hands, was a much better description. How dare they?! Running through his palace, heading to the room where those foolish peasants were staying, his eyes were bloody red and anyone within his reach jumped backwards, trying to get out of his way. As creatures of dark, horror and all evil, not many things could scare them. But if something did, it was certainly an angry Lucifer. And they’ve never seen him like this before. Any curiosity they’ve felt about what happened disappeared at the sight of their master in his full demonic glory, thirsty for blood. As ironic as it sounded, few even send a thanks to God for not being at the receiving end of whatever is going to happen. Once in the throne room, he glances about at all of the demons and ghouls that made his court. They scurried away as his fiery gaze landed upon each one in turn. One of them had a hand in his current despair. Yet who would dare?!
The word was just above a whisper, yet it was laced with so much rage and anguish, the power within his low tone sent them all for the exit without questions. Once he was alone he stood in the center of his throne room, he placed a palm down upon the stone floor and it gave away effortlessly under his touch. But he already knew what he would find; nothing. There was just an empty space where it had been. The key of his kingdom was gone. He could already feel the power shifting and flexing about him. He had to find it, and soon, if not the chaos that was his constant melody would no longer be in his control. He had to go, he had to find it himself. But can he leave just like that? He fell to his knees, overpowered by a hopeless feeling he had never experienced before. The weight of what happened fully registering in his brain only now. He takes a minute or two to collect himself and gets up to call his most trusted man. Of course this is too big to share with anyone, he just needs somewhere to start. His thoughts are interrupted by his personal assassin, a high ranked demon that earned his trust centuries ago.
„You called for me, sir?“ he asks while kneeling before him.
Lucifer gets close to him, not taking chances of anyone hearing a single thing and hurriedly whispers: „Something was stolen from me today, right from this very room and I need you to find out who did it and where it is. It’s your highest priority and requires absolute secrecy. Don’t show up in front of me with empty hands, Changmin.“
The later just nods, not daring to ask any questions for he can feel his master barely controlling himself. Lucifer knows his instructions were clear and understood, so he dismisses him with a wave of his hand, standing up himself.
The wait was a long and impatient one for the dark king. He stood at his balcony over looking his outer court. How long he stood there he did not know, he had lost all sense of time since he had sent Changmin away. He watched his people below him with a cold sneer. His people. And yet one of them had stolen from him. He clenched a black gloved hand upon the stone of the balcony.
Above him there was a blood curring “caw!” As a black raven sailed through the red skies of Hell to land upon his outstretched arm.
“You sense it also, my pet” the king murmured, “you feel the powers shifting and flexing beneath my hold. I cannot have this. “
 The raven cawwed again, this time meeting the ruler’s eyes and sharing with him a vision of what was to come. There was a black army marching towards the palace. He could see them clearly reflected in the raven’s eye.
He scoffed, “Like a weak, simpering wolf he comes at the smell of blood. There shall be no weakness for him to find here.”
He tossed the raven back into the sky as he swore, “I’ll make certain of that. “
Turning on his heel, he storms back inside. He needed to act quickly. Not having many options, he didn’t need to think too hard. It was either to stay here and wait for the power hungry demons to come at him in his weakest time, or go to Earth and look for his precious possession himself. The only information he recieved from Changmin was about it being in the human world. He wasn’t really worried about people stealing it, because with something so powerful, it was impossible for the weak beings to handle. But there were other creatures more than ready to jump at the chance to bring him down. Now he started to question his decision to send Changmin there first. Of course he, as the owner, will be able to sense it for it contains a part of him. He shakes his head, no time to dwell on this. All he can do now is entrust his kingdom to the capable hands of his substitutes Junsu and Yoochun and leave.
Heechul tilted his face up to the wind that swept across the beach and fanned his long black hair away from his face and over his shoulder. Above the sky began to fill with clouds, hiding the sunlight. He could feel the power, taste the disparity of the Fallen One. Someone had betrayed him. Heechul did not have to be a member of the Dark Court to know that. He was an angel with a keen sense for magic and a mischievous streak. The Fallen One would come- he knew that. And he had to be ready. He turned away from the ocean and started up the sandy slope. Let the games begin.
Far away from the mischievous angel stood a lone figure of the Dark Lord. Unaware of anything yet, he was finishing shifting to his human form, getting rid of his demonic traits except one. It’s a quick change and once done, he closes his eyes, alerting his senses to catch a glimpse of power from the stolen source. It takes much longer than he thought and he struggles to remain calm. The frown that appeared on his face suddenly disappears when he catches a tiny bit of familiar energy. Smiling, he jumps from the high bridge into the night sky, spreading his majestic black wings before he can fall into the river bellow him. He takes a second to appreciate the fresh wind in his face, then hurries in the direction of his treasure.
The sun is slowly rising by the time he gets close enough to realize why it took him so long to catch up on the energy source. Something is wrong. He quietly lands behind a abandoned house he spotted and hides his wings. He walks confidently toward the port where a small group of men are getting ready for their morning fishing.
He pays no need to the four other men, his black eyes only on the youngest one. The man looks up from his task, sensing someone watching him.
„Oh, hello. Can I help you?“ he asked the tall and intimidating man before him, sending him angelic smile.
For some reason, despite the dark energy the stranger emitted, he was not afraid. Something is telling him this man won’t hurt him.
„Yes, I’m looking for something really important to me and thought maybe asking for help will speed up the proces.“ Lucifer answers, not even once acknowledging anyone but the blond before him.
Blond... Well, he had to admit he was looking stunning with blond hair even if he preferred dark colors. The light ones just brought too many bad memories.
An elderly man speaks up then: „Jae, we’ll help him, you should hurry back, your boyfriend will be upset if he finds out you were here.“
Neither notice the newcomer’s jaw hardening at these words, nor the red that flashes his eyes for a moment.
The blond, Jae, laughs covering his mouth but nods, turning to the now composed tall man.
„I‘m sorry, I would like to help you, but granpa here is right, I’m not supposed to be here. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Maybe I’ll see you around... Uhm...“ he pauses, not sure how to refer to the other.
„Yunho.“ Comes the quick reply.
Jae smiles again, extending his hand for handshake: „Jaejoong.“
Yunho takes his offered hand, watching Jaejoong’s reaction closely. At the touch, the smaller man slightly finches, not expecting the sparks he feels. He hastily pulls his hand back and watches the stranger with small frown, before he remembers himself and smiles again, this time a little warily.
„Nice to meet you, sorry, I really have to go.“ He disappears quickly, waving to the others.
Heechul sat upon the wave smoothed rocks, he watched the waves as they swayed in rhythm with the turning of the Earth. He could feel him. The Fallen One was among them. He smirked. That did not take long at all. He expected the lord to send his henchmen. Heechul rolled his shoulders, popping his neck as he recalled his one and only cross with the dark assisan that was the Fallen Ones right hand. He had lost two of his brothers in the fight. But that had been centuries ago, he has grown stronger and was confident the day that he would again cross paths with the demon. Yet it would seem Changmin would not be the only one he would be fated to clash with. The Fallen One was a larger power and Heechul was not certain that he would win. Least, not at the moment. His smirk widened into a smile, but he did have one card to play.
As if on cue, a small figure stumbled up upon the rocks, the peeking sun lighting his blonde hair making it appear gold. “Jae. “ Heechul said in greeting, rising fluidedly to help the clumsy young man onto the uneven platform.
The moment their hands touched he felt it. The dark power of the Fallen One. He was taken back. So quickly the Fallen One had made contact with the child. Heechul would have to up the stakes in his game if he was to keep up with the Dark Lord.
There was a look of unease upon Jae’s beautiful face. Heechul had existed for centuries. Had beheld the most beautiful of angels and mortals alike, but all seemed to pale in comparison to the young mortal before him. What a gorgeous weapon he had.
“What is wrong?” He asked, peering behind Jae to see if he had been followed. There was nothing but beach for as far as Heechul could see.
Jae shook out the hand that the stranger had shaken earlier. “I don’t know...maybe I am just tired?” He shrugged, he felt uneasy mentioning the stranger to his boyfriend just yet. “What are you doing up here anyway?”
Heechul gazed back out over the water, “watching the sunrise. And waiting for you. Let us go.”
Back at the port, the older men finished putting everything on their boat and the granpda who mentioned Jaejoong’s boyfriend turns to him.
„What is it that you lost, young man? I know this area like the back of my hand, I’ll help you.“
Yunho looks down at the man smiling kindly at him and considers killing him and the rest because he’s going crazy thinking about what just happened. Unfortunately, his lust for blood will have to wait once again for he needs answers. The little touch confirmed what he was afraid of. But it’s impossible, Jaejoong can’t be... He still refuses to belive it. But the proof is right here. None of this would happen if he came here straight after the whole incident occurred. Again, no time. He needs to find out whose doing is this mess.
Collecting his thoughts, he finally answers: „I’m not sure if it’s here. Did you hear about something unusual happening around here?“
The man pauses to think, looking dubious as if not knowing if he can share that information with him.
Latching on that, Lucifer says: „It’s something bad, isn’t it. Say, do people mysteriously die here?“
He knows he got it right when the man’s eyes widen. „H-how did you know? Who are you?“
„Someone who can fix that.“ Comes the simple answer.
He knows he still didn’t convince that grandpa, so he quickly adds: „I’ve seen it happening before. It only gets worse. Maybe it will end up spreading, like a virus, if you don’t tell me so I can stop it.“
As expected, his words have the effect he wanted as the poor scared grandpa tells him a story about mysterious object hidden at the bottom of the ocean, killing anyone who comes close. It almost became a dangerous game between the wealthy men, to get the cursed thing into their collection. Lucifer hides his wining smirk, as the man practically begs him to get rid of it for them. One question answered, now to the more serious one.
„Tell me about Jaejoong.“
Heechul turned off the ignition and sat back in the drivers seat to sort through his thoughts. They had made contact, Jae and the Fallen One. Something that Heechul knew would be inevitable but it was moving fast. That was fine. He simply had to stay alert.
“Are you ok?” The softly spoken question made him turn to look at Jae. Such a pure, innocence. What had he created? Would Jae truly be what he needed to play the game?
He withdrew the money from his pocket, “go pick whatever you want to cook for dinner and let’s get home.“ It would be best to get Jae inside before nightfall. He knew that with the dark the creatures would step from the shadows to help their master.
Jae shrugged, his expression perplexed, “fine.“ he left the car with a huff. Heechul smirked at the small spark of temper. Perhaps it’ll all work out after all.
There was a sharp rap upon his window. He turned in surprise to see a figure dressed in black. He rolled down the window, the scent of evil engulfed him and he stared up with icy eyes at an interesting looking demon under the guise of mortal. It would seem that the Fallen One was not the only one that had found his way out of hell.
“I did not steal the key for the likes of you to take it from me. “ the dark one seethed, “where have you put it you filthy angel?”
Heechul smirked, and as he pulled up his window he said, “I suppose that’s what you get for betraying your lord, Junsu.”
The only light comes from the sky above him but as a creature of dark, he doesn’t need it. He walks slowly on the beach, opening his senses to try find anything else out of ordinary. His mind wanders back to his kingdom, wondering if he’ll ever be able to get back. Unlike other demons, he can’t get back without the key. They only need the permission of the one in charge to step through the Hell’s gate. But him being that one in charge leaves him with nothing, he’s risking everything here. The key made from his flesh and blood can be his ending in the hands of someone powerful and skilled in black magic. He’s got Changmin’s message saying the assassin is coming here. He looks at the moon. Its bright shine reminds him of Jaejoong and that somehow annoys him. Just then two loud voices disturb him and he lets his human mask fall. In a mater of seconds, his strong wings take him to the clueless couple. Before they can scream and run, he grabs them by their throats, each in one hand and pulls. The sand gets instantly covered in crimson, the air heavy with the smell of iron. Licking the still warm blood off his hands, he looks at the beauty laying before him.
„You’re next, Jaejoong.“ He laughs, dropping to the ground to enjoy his feast.
Ramen. Jae decided on ramen. Why ramen? Because he was pissed. Something was obviously wrong with Heechul and his boyfriend was not telling him what. That did not earn a home cooked meal. And he liked ramen and Heechul did not. It was fair.
He quickly paid for his groceries and started out. Unbidden the thought of the stranger he’d met earlier crept into his mind. It should feel wrong to think of the stranger and have the unwanted feelings that he was experiencing. He was with Heechul. He loved Heechul...right? Jae frowned, he honestly could not remember a time he wasn’t with Heechul, in fact his childhood was nothing but broken fragments of a puzzle.
He’d been in an accident. Heechul had told him, he’d lost all of his memories along with his mother, the only family he’d had left. He didn’t remember her at all, but Heechul assured him that one day the memories would return. Heechul was all he had, all he could remember so it should feel wrong to think of the stranger Yunho as constant as he was. But he could not help it. It didn’t feel wrong at all. It felt so right, in fact, it felt as if somehow he knew Yunho.
He would have to ask Heechul. Maybe if he discribed yunho then Heechul would be able to tell him if that was a piece of his past.
Now he wished he would have bought something better for dinner if he was going to be quizzing his boyfriend. But Jae was stubborn and would not admit his wrong move.
He made it to the car just as a man dressed in black backed away from the drivers door. “Hello. “ Jae greeted absently, not giving the man much of a look as he made his way to his side of the car.
“Hello..” was the response, “you’re with him?” There was some surprise in the strangers voice, “I haven’t seen you around here. “
Jae looked up, something about the newcomer didn’t sit well with him. “Seems to me like you’re the new one here. Good bye. “ he got in the car without a further wait.
“Who was that ?” He asked Heechul, his boyfriend was just as tense as he had left him.
“An unforeseen issue. “ Heechul replies as he started the car. “But nothing to worry about for now. “
Yunho waits patiently for Changmin to land and kneel in front of him, before he moves and kicks him in the ribs so hard the assassin rolls over in pain. Not satisfied at all, he yanks him up by the hair, bringing their faces close so Changmin can see the fury in his master’s red eyes.
„I think you’re out of practice. It took you way too long to find this place.“ He growls.
Changmin almost gives relived sigh when the hand in his hair leaves, only to gasp for air when it wraps around his neck, long sharp nails breaking his skin and drawing blood.
„Or perhaps you were slow on purpose?“ Lucifer questions and watches Changmin’s eyes to widen.
The demon shakes his head despite the strong hold Yunho has on him, the movement making the nails go even deeper.
With a last squeeze, Yunho throws him away and snarls at the skilful demon currently gasping on the ground: „I’m sure that filth responsible for this is here. Bring him to me. You have two days!“

Jaejoong wakes up to yet more news of another death on the beach. It’s getting out of the hand and he understands why Heechul doesn’t like him going there. He didn’t tell his boyfriend something is calling him there. And today even more and so he finds himself helping the fishermen again, hoping he didn’t come here for nothing. Last night Heechul acted weird and he had to postpone his plan about questioning him about Yunho, his boyfriend was straight up ignoring him after coming home, leaving early in the morning to who knows where. Strangely it doesn’t bother him as much as it should and the reason for that shows up in front of him just when the thought enters his mind.
„Yunho!“ he calls out, automatic smile forming on his lips, when the man heads his way.
He meets him halfway, asking cheerfully: „Did you find what you were looking for?“
Yunho just states at him for a moment, studying him, then hums. „Now I’m staying for a while, to help with the deaths. Didn’t your friend over there tell you?“ he nods toward the grandpa from yesterday.
Jaejoong’s mouth forms perfect O at this new piece of information. „No. But... Isn’t it dangerous?“
Yunho chuckles: „Not for me.“
„Are you sure? I don’t want you to get hurt.“
Jaejoong claps his hand on his mouth as soon as the words leave him but it’s too late. Yunho’s looking at him with blank expression. He can’t help the blush creeping up his cheeks and once again, he just mumbles:“ Have to go.“ Not even waiting for an answer as he hurries away, embarrassed to the point of wanting to die.
Yunho gazes after the boy as he stumbles away. At one point he falls in the sand in his rapid escape but he was up and running across the beach before yunho or anyone could react.
What was it about the boy that stirred something inside of him? Whatever it was, Yunho did not like it and it only affirmed his resolve that the boy had to die.

Heechul looked up from his book as Jae stumbled into the apartment. He raised a brow. “And where have you been? You look as if you have seen a ghost. “ Jae shook his head hard, “no uh I was just flushed from running. Do you want lunch? I’ll make lunch!”
He was gone before Heechul could ask anything else. As the boy sped past him he caught an unpleasant scent that had him sitting up. The Fallen One.
He put his book down and stepped outside to inhale. Yes. He could smell it. Evil was everywhere.
“He gave me two days but it has only taken me one. “ he spun around to look at Changmin. He managed to hide his surprise “we meet again. “
„Jae, I’m going out, I’ll be right back.“ He calls after the beautiful male without taking his eyes off the demon smirking at him.
He moves further away from the apartment, the tall assassin follows. Once he’s far enough, he spreads his wings, but is not quick enough, Changmin grabs him by his left wing harshly, sending burning pain through his body. The demon just laughs at him.
„You’ve spent way too much time with the humans. Even your disgusting smell is overpowered by them. And you’re slow.“ He mocks him, twisting his wrist and the pain sends him to knees.
He grinds his teeth muttering: „And you’re just stupid demon.“ Just as he throws dirt into the red eyes.
It’s a lame trick, but enough to loose the grib the other has on his wing and he frees himself, bolting into the sky. Thankfully his wing is not broken but the pain is still present and he knows it will remain that way for a while. Angel’s wings are sensitive, especially to demon’s touch, which the sly assassin knew of course.
He should not have left Jae alone. Heechul realized that once the pain in his wing ebbed. He cursed himself. Why he he’ll had he taken off? And why hadn’t Changmin followed him?!
Perhaps Changmin was right and he had spent too much time with the mortals. He was becoming just like them.
He was not surprised when he returned to the apartment to find the door open and the inside a mess, a clear sign of struggle. He righted the couch and sat heavily, placing his head in his hands. Now what?
Changmin tied up the unconscious mortal and tried picking him up by the ropes, satisfied they were strong enough for him to carry the male like that. Not that he cared what happened to him, he would actually gladly drop him mid air on purpose but he was eager to get back on his master’s good side and kidnapping the annoying angel’s company would surely earn him that. Even more so after the pleasant discovery he made. He almost missed it but there was very subtle dark energy in the young man. Picking up his cargo, the assassin flies to the beach, where the Dark Lord is staying.
„Master. I brought you something.“ He announces, waiting for his master to turn to him but the response is not what he expected, as his master growls.
Of course Yunho felt what, or rather who was brought to him. What he didn’t understand was why Changmin brought him when he asked for the damn thief. And he demanded to know that.
„I found him. The angel, Heechul,“ the name rolling off his tongue with disgust, „and injured his wing. The male was with him. At first I thought we can only use him as a trap but then I felt it. The energy...“
He doesn’t get to finish as Lucifer pushes him aside, away from Jaejoong. He watches Yunho putting both hand on the blond‘s temples and just focusing. From personal experience, he can tell his master is studying both his mind and the core of his existence.
„Just what are you exactly,“ mumbles Lucifer, more to himself than Changmin who’s now watching with growing curiosity for the male starts waking up.
Jaejoong’s first reaction is struggle against the restraint, muffled sounds escaping his covered mouth but then he spots Yunho and to both demons utter bewilderment, instead of trying to get away from Lucifer, he gets closer. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they quickly worked out the knots in the young man’s bondage .
“Sir?” The mix of confusion and utter surprise in Changmin’s voice were similar to the emotions that the Fallen One felt as the boy was freed.
Jae yanked out the gag in his mouth and further surprised everyone by flinging himself into Yunho’s arms. It was reflexsive, that was the only reason why Yunho’s arms came up and around the smaller man.
Changmin‘s jaw dropped in his surprise. Yunho was just as dumbstruck, and quickly recovered, pushing the boy away.
„Y-Yunho?“ asked the blond, on verge of tears.
Changmin was on his feet and next to the human in an instant, reaching for him yelling: „How dare you, mere mortal to refer to the Dark Lord by his name!“
Yunho blocked Changmin’s hands when Jaejoong yelped, slamming himself back into his chest. The assassin was lost, what was his master doing? Even if he dared to ask, he wouldn’t get any answer because Yunho himself didn’t know why he was protecting the mortal. He should kill him, get his key back and return to Hell!
Deciding to clear his head, he stands up and tells Changmin: „Watch him till I get back and decide what to do with him. Don’t touch him for the time being.“
Jaejoong starts panicking at the thought of being left alone with the man that kidnapped him.
Tears roll down his cheeks as he grabs Yunho’s pants, begging him, „please, don’t leave me with him, I’m scared of him.“
Lucifer chuckled. „You should be more scared of me,“ and frowned when the blond shaked his head, tightening the hold he had on him.
Instead of answering, Yunho simply opened his wings, determined to leave but made the mistake of looking back at Jae, who was looking at him with wonder in his eyes, his usually glowing hair dirty and plastered to the beautiful face streaked with tears. But still inhumanly gorgeous.
Without thinking, he bends down, scooping Jaejoong up into his arms, ordering Changmin: „Get the angel to me, I don’t care how you do it, but bring him alive.“ And flies away, with the smaller male wrapped around him.
Changmin was furious! What the hell had gotten into his lord?! What powers did the mere mortal possess to have the dark lord acting so far out of character?!
He returned to the angel’s home to find it empty, but he was not surprised. He was only back for the scent, hunting the angel would be an easy task. And yet... Changmin froze the first scent he picked up was a familiar and unexpected one.
As he was able to put a name and face to the scent, it was too late, he spun around to be face to face with Junsu. Without a word, Junsu took advantage of a hangman’s shock and withdrew his sword. Stabbing Changmin through the stomach.
The smaller male wouldn’t stop moving. Yunho planned on ignoring him, as much as he could while holding him, but if the blond didn’t stop, he’ll fall.
But instead of telling him that, he growled: „Scared now?“ only to get quiet „cold“ in return.
He lands on top of building, putting Jaejoong down on his feet. The mortal slowly lets go of the warm body so he can look him in the eyes. But soon his gaze is drawn to the black wings. He reaches out hand, stopping just before touching them, silently asking for permission. When Yunho stands still, he softly places it on the feathers, smiling at the soft, warm feeling, not noticing the shiver running up the spine of their owner at the gentle caress.
Knowing he has to break the silence first, Jaejoong starts speaking as his hand continues moving over the big wing. „The other man, Changmin, called you Dark Lord. And your beautiful wings... Are you a fallen angel?“
Yunho decides, he might as well tell him that much and get some informations in return. „Yes. I do have a lot of names. The most common one is Lucifer.“
He expects the boy to at least move away in fear but he merely hums, looking up at him with smile, saying: „You don’t really look like one.“
Shrugging, he answers: „Human form. Why aren’t you running?“ and shoots his own question.
„You won’t hurt me.“
It’s not a question. It’s a statement, the boy is sure of it, if the constant touching is anything to go by. Frowning in confusion, he changes the theme, since he’s not prepared to look deeper into this one yet.
„What do you know about Heechul?“
This time it’s Jaejoong’s time to frown and he finally drops his hand. At the lost of contact, realization hits Yunho and he hastily grabs Jaejoong’s hand, making him protest with soft: „What are you doing.“ But as he’s brought closer, the protest dies.
„My power... It’s stable again...“ he murmurs to himself, confusing Jaejoong.
„What are you talking about.“
Yunho pulls away but maintains contact while exclaiming in excitement: „You! When you’re close to me, my powers are back to normal. You’re still recognizable as the key.“
„Key? Yunho, you’re not making any sense, I’m a person, not some object!“
Yunho’s expression turns serious as he answers: „No. You were made into a person. By a very old and powerful angel named Heechul.“
All sound escaped him. The world stood still. Never in his long existence had the powerful demon fallen to his knees as he did now before Junsu, who with a cruel smirk, demanded, “where is the angel,Heechul?”
“Right here you scum. The lot of you need to burn.“ The words were the only warning before Heechul materialized from the sky, glorious white wings extended. He struck Junsu hard with his own sword, Junsu barely had enough time to deflect the attack with his arm, the blade cut into the flesh and black demon blood seeped out.
Junsu growled, he turned and swiftly yanked his sword from Changmins stomach and attacked. Heechul effortlessly deflected his blow and sent Junsu stumbling. “I have nothing for you here.” He snapped, “you are too late, you traitorous demon. Now begone from my sight!”
Changmin stumbles to his feet and takes advantage of the distraction to wrap a powerful arm about Junsu from behind. He tightened his hold around Junsus neck. “You’ll pay for what you have done, traitor. “
Junsu scoffed, unperturbed of his current situation, “an angel and demon working together, I never thought I would see the day. “
Changmin tightened his hold, “shut up! I’ll make sure the Dark Lord knows of this then where will you snarky comments be?”
Heechul landed before Junsu, flexing his wings, “or should I kill you now?”
The threat must have finally sunk in to Junsu, with a sudden haze of black smoke he was gone- Changmin stumbled when his captive disappeared. Heechul caught him before he fell and for a long moment their eyes met and held.
“Why would you help me?” Changmin demanded. “I have my own agenda. “ Heechul responded, and before Changmin knew what he was about, Heechul leaned forward and pressed his lips to Changmin’s.
„No. I don’t believe you!“ Jaejoong was backing away from him, refusing to acknowledge what he heard.
The other remained calm, asking: „When did you get together? How did you meet? Why are you living here?“
All the boy could do was shaking head, tears finding their way to his eyes once again. „I don’t remember, I was in an accident, lost my memory...“ His voice gets weak.
„I asked your friend about you. He said you both moved here few weeks ago. When my key was stolen. And then the deaths started. Whatever he did to you, the answer is in the ocean. And I’m getting it soon.“
Jaejoong falls on his knees, sobbing. „He wouldn’t...“
Yunho forgets him for a moment, sensing the fight happening back in the town. The smell of Changmin’s blood gets to him, mixed with angel’s energy and another familiar presence. His eyes harden. So this is what happened. Shaking off his human form, he turns back to Jaejoong, still crying on the ground, currently hugging himself and rocking back and forth, wondering what to do with him.
Making his decision, he moves closer to him. „Come on, I have to go, Changmin is hurt. I can’t let you away from my side, it’s too dangerous.“
Despite not getting any answer, the boy doesn’t protest when he takes him in his arms for the second time that night. Their close proximity calms them, both unconsciously leaning closer to each other as Yunho speeds back.
Heechul let go of Changmin and straightened. Changmin stood cautiously. “Don’t take it personally. “ Heechul finally said, breaking the silence. Changmin looked down at the blood from the wound that was no longer there.
 An angel’s kiss could heal any wound. But why would Heechul help him? “Why?”
“Like I said. I have my agenda. Where is the boy?” Yet before Changmin could answer, Yunho did as he descended from the sky, “he’s with me.”
Heechul’s eyes widened, seeing the state his creation was in. „Jaejoong! Are you hurt?“
Not even wanting to look at his boyfriend, he tucked his head under Yunho’s chin, hiding from the other two.
„Jae? What did you do to him you dirty demon!“ the angel becomes angry and that finally prompts the only mortal in their group to look at him.
„Nothing unlike you!“ Heechul takes a step back at the hurt in the other’s eyes but it’s the words that make his chest tighten.
Lucifer’s smirk is evil in all senses as he drags out: „What a powerful weapon you created here. But it goes both ways. The key was and always will be a part of me.“
Turning to Changmin, noticing no traces of wounds are left, he orders: „Let’s go, there are more pressing matters. We’ll deal with this one later.“
Changmin nods, not really understanding anything at this point.
„You would make good demon.“ Yunho addresses Heechul one last time before leaving.
Heechul sat for a long moment watching the moonlight reflect upon the water. He was bemused that Jaejoong’s rebuff had actually hurt him the way that it had.
The dark lord was right, Heechul had indeed created a diouble edged sword. “But just as he is part of you,” he murmured. “He is also part of me. “ he smiled at that.
He will allow the dark lord to believe that he has the upper hand for now. He had to move onto the next phase of his plan, and that was to simply wait. Wait for Jaejoong to melt Yunho’s defenses as Heechul had created him to.
They brought Jae to the abandoned house Yunho was staying at since coming here. The human was fast asleep and Yunho carefully put him on the clothing made into bed, covering him. He settles next to him, keeping one hand on the fragile body telling himself it’s because after long time he feels as himself again, balanced and perfectly in control of his own power. Gesturing Changmin to settle too, he starts speaking lowly as soon as the assassin complies. Quick explanation is needed now so they can go to the battle together.
„He’s my stolen key in a human form. You must have noticed my power was all over the place since it was missing. But keeping him next to me helps. The thing hidden in the ocean... I’m getting it tomorrow. I met with a stupid wealthy man, he believed everything I told him. His men will get it out of the water and I’ll be there to claim it back. You can play with them if any survive.“
Changmin’s smirk is lazy and his eyes lit up with excitement. Then he remembers their traitor. „What about Junsu?“
The relaxed composure of the dark lord is gone in a blink of an eye as he hisses: „I have a special punishment for him.“
He stayed awake much longer than his master, pondering over everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. They had a time limit, he knew. An entire army of rebeled demons marched to take over his lords kingdom. He had to return. He had to fight, they both did.
Looking at his master now, Changmin could see the effects the young mortal had upon him. He had never seen Yunho so peaceful. And he realized, as the young man snuggled closer in his sleep, that the effects were not solely because the boy was the key. There was something there. Even now- a spark that could lead to a completely different kind of flame. He wasn’t sure if such an observation was a good one or not. Only time would tell.
He sighed and sat back, leaning his head against the board. Unbidden, he thought of the rebellious angel Heechul. He was another puzzle to be solved with the dawn.
Jaejoong woke up from his dream with a start, this was the most vivid one yet. Dreams of him staying in strange palace decorated in black and gold. Letting out sigh, he opens his eyes only to get confused by the unfamiliar surroundings. Only now he realizes his back is pressing again something hard and is surrounded by soft and warm blanket, that is too light, like... Feathers. Jaejoong blinks as his eyes fall on the black wing covering him whole. Memories of yesterday night come to him and he slowly turns to his other side, only to be faced with wide awake Yunho, watching him with deep black eyes.
Blushing at the thought they must have slept like this the whole night, he whispers: „Why are you sleeping with me?“ not really expecting answer but getting one anyway, „you kept mumbling about being cold. I would appreciate if you moved now though, my wings have been in this position for a while and they are starting to hurt.“
He gets up immediately, looking around, noticing they are alone.
Before he can ask, Yunho explains: „Changmin went to get you some food.“
The fact the demon thought about something like that touches him and he whispers his thanks, which the other doesn’t acknowledge and asks instead: „What did you dream about?“
The smaller man bends his knees and places his chin on them before answering. „It was same dream as always. I’m in a palace, never getting to look out of the window, mainly kept in a dark place. But there are times when I’m allowed out of that place and carried around seeing the black and gold interior.“
When the other stays quiet, he looks at him to find out what’s wrong. Yunho searches into his eyes.
„That’s not a dream. Those are your memories. It’s my palace in Hell that you see.“
Jaejoong takes sharp shaky breath. „So... I’m really... The key?“
The question stays unanswered as Lucifer looks out but it’s enough for Jaejoong.
He didn’t mind approaching them in broad daylight. Heechul knew that Yunho was clever and that he had already put the pieces together regarding Jaejoong‘s existence. With that he would also understand that Heechul was off limits.
“You again. “ Yunho sighed without taking his gaze from the mortals loading up the boat preparing the departure for the mysterious object.
“I have to warn you..” Heechul began but Yunho cut him off with a cold laugh. “An angel warn me? Why?” Heechul shook his head, “because...” yet before he could finish there was a tremble that shook the earth. Changmin cursed. “The palace. It’s been breached. “ Yunho was torn. He needed what was in the ocean. But his kingdom...
Yunho’s eyes fly to Jaejoong running to them from the beach.
He makes a beeline for the dark lord, slamming into his arms. „What was that?“ His voice is filled with fear and Yunho reacts to that instinctively, holding him close.
The duo watching them exchange gazes, one still apprehensive, the other gleeful. The time passes as Yunho thinks, hands absently roaming across the boy’s back, both comforting him and being comforted.
Finally finding solution, he starts speaking, focus on the two before them, „I’m gonna need both of you.“ Heechul opens his mouth to protest. He quickly shuts him up, „you want Jaejoong safe right, so you have to help. I can’t get back to Hell without the key but Jae can’t go there as mortal.“
The angel is still frowning but gives him short nod and so he continues: „Changmin. I’m going to give you part of my power, you have to go back and protect the palace until I return.“
All three males gape at him. Is Lucifer willingly giving someone his power? Changmin is at lost of words, his master is putting so much trust in him.
„ Master... I won’t disappoint you!“
Yunho gently emerges himself from Jae, drawing his sword.
„You have to stab me with it. I’ll be fine.“ He assures him, pointing the blade at his chest.
Changmin takes the handle and with a nod from Yunho, he presses hard. Both are covered by a strong light for a second, then it disappears and Yunho falls on his knees, gasping for air, human mask gone, too weak to maintain it now.
„Yunho!“ Jaejoong kneels next to him, looking at him with worry written all over his face.
He looks up to Changmin. „I’m fine. Give me your sword and go.“
The exchange is quick and with one last „please hurry“ Changmin is gone.
„Now...“ Yunho starts speaking to Heechul as Jaejoong helps him up, „we have to catch Junsu. I’ll have someone to give his power to Jaejoong. Permanently.“
“ I’ll find him.“ Heechul promises. “You stay with Jaejoong, protect him.“ Yunho growled at the command, “he’s my key, of course I will protect him.“ Heechul gave Yunho a knowing look, “you will protect him for more reasons than that.“ he expanded his wings and took to the sky before Yunho could respond. Just as well. Yunho wasn’t certain what he could say to that.
Changmin enters the darkness of the castle. It had already been breached but he and the others were able to fight them off and secure the walls. But Yoochun was missing whether he joined Junsu or was taken, Changmin did not know.
A soft touch on Yunho’s hand makes him look down, only to see Jaejoong squeezing it. He makes to move away but decides against it as a whisper washes over him. „Are you really okay?“
Their eyes meet, searching deep into each others. He replies with small nod.
„I’m sorry for being only burden to you, I want to help you. It’s just... This is all new to me and there’s so much happening...“ Yunho doesn’t let him finish, as he hugs him on his own accord for the first time ever. He hated how distressed Jaejoong sounded. The blond slowly brings his arms around Yunho’s neck, feeling warm all over, pressing closer to share the feeling with the man holding him protectively. As the mortal nuzzle against his ear, his belly tightens with unfamiliar feeling. Not the unpleasant type, but something deep inside him changed. He knows they don’t have time for this, for all he knows his palace could be long gone at this moment, yet he can’t find it in himself to stop, letting Jaejoong softly play with his hair.
“I will give you the key. It’s what you wanted, is it not?” Heechul speaks out into the ocean, but he knows that Junsu is listening. He could feel it. He sets down his sword.
Junsu appears with the mist, “why would you give it to me?” Heechul stared at him a long moment in genuine surprise, “you actually believed me!” As the realization dawned on Junsu that it had been a ruse, it was too late, he was already in the magical net the angel had prepared for him. A net he had so foolish walked into.
Heechul twisted his fist and Junsu could feel the power of his confinement tighten around him. There was no escape. He growled, “What the hell kind of angel are you?!”
„Wouldn’t you like to know.“ Heechul smirks as he takes the net in both hands. „Let’s go, your punishment has been decided. Let me tell you a secret. I shouldn’t like it as much as I do. Who would have thought you’ll be so useful one day?“
He ignores Junsu yelling „let me go you damn angel!“ and returns to the two he left behind, to find them cuddling.
In the meantime, Yunho even wrapped his wings around them, knowing Jaejoong enjoys the feeling of them.
„Well isn’t this nice sight. I’m here doing all the work while you two are being all lovely dovely.“ He teases them while Junsu gapes with mouth wide open. Just what the hell happened here? Why is the visibly weakened dark lord holding the mortal?
The couple literally jump apart, Jaejoong’s face red. Yunho on the other side, growls at the sight of the one he trusted and was stabbed by, launching himself at him, stopped by Heechul screaming „no, no, no, no! You said you need him alive!“
„Oh I don’t know, killing him seems very appealing right now.“ Yunho remarks, still trying to reach behind the angel.
Desperate, Heechul takes a chance: „What will happen to Jaejoong if you kill him?“ and is pleasantly surprised when that works like a magic as the angry demon all but snarls „fine!“ and drops Changmin’s sword.
He stretches his hand out to Jaejoong who correctly interprets it as a request to take it and starts walking, calling over his shoulder: „But keep him away from my reach! And hurry up!“
Heechul huffs and looks down at the other frozen from shock, murmuring grumpy: „You know, I somehow understand why you betrayed him, he’s so bossy.“
„I heard that!“
The ground was rumbling as demon clashed against demon. Changmin had won the palace back for his master, but the outlaws persisted. They had already lost it all, so they were giving it everything they had. Changmin struck his opponents down swiftly , when they are struck down in Hell they are cursed to an eternity in darkness.
He wondered which was a worse fate: their masters wrath or the eternity in darkness. They all knew the answer to that, therein why they continued to fight with no victory in sight.
Heechul took Junsu back to the abandoned house and reinforced his magical bindings on the traitorous demon. “Why are you doing this?” Junsu spat, “you seem so at ease with the Fallen One. His ally? Why?!” Heechul stepped back to admire his work before he met Junsu’s gaze, “I have no ally. I work for nature and the balance for all. The balance that keeps the mortals safe and Heaven and Hell apart. What you took from him would have destroyed us all, you fool. Did you think you could weild that power?”
He shook his head and started out of the house. He wasn’t concerned. Junsu wasn’t going anywhere.
„I want to go with you!“ Jaejoong cried, getting sigh in return. „For the second time, no. You’re safer here with Heechul. I’ll grab the box and return before the magician could come.“
Jaejoong actually pouts at that and he has no idea what to do. He would like to take him with him but he has to feed, feeling worse the more time passes. And while the boy seems at ease with him being the demon king, he’s not going to push it.
He wonders why everyone jumps at the slightest hint of command from him when right there stands a human that is doing very good job of disobeying him. „Jaejoong, my no is final.“
The blond huffs, pout still in place but thankfully nods, so he steps back, prepared to leave only to be stopped by soft hands placed on his shoulders.
„Be careful.“ And with that, the smaller male leans up to press his plump lips against his in a quick kiss. Kiss that lasts just few seconds as Jaejoong runs inside embarrassed almost immediately, leaving the perplexed Lucifer standing there.
The battle was won. Even with the Fallen ones powers, Victory did not come easy for Changmin. Not because they had any power that topped changmins but because they were persistent. But now it was over and an ominous silence filled the place. It was time for him to go back to his master.
Heechul met Yunho on the beach just before he set out to retrieve the mysterious object. “Changmin has reclaimed your throne.“ Yunho did not seem surprised. “Has he? Good.“ Yunho nodded toward the house “he‘s In there. Watch him.“ he didn’t have to specify who he was. There was only one thing he and the angel had in common.
Heechul smirked. “Ah. The day you trust an angel. I never saw this one coming. “
Yunho’s first stop is on the port, where that stupid man waits for his employees to come back. The boat is going nowhere.
„They are all dead, you don’t have to wait for them, the object killed them.“ He speaks up behind his back, successfully scaring him. The man’s face is picture of horror as he takes in the demon before him. „But I have to thank you for picking my possession up.“ Is the last thing he hears as the smirking Lucifer jumps at him.
Heechul walked back into the house in silence. The traitor was still struggling to get out of his magic and he had to roll his eyes at him. Useless. Jaejoong was sitting as far from him as possible, lost in his thoughts, only looking up when he approached him. He knew the boy was avoiding him, they should talk.
„You don’t have to feel awkward around me.“ He smiled, settling himself next to him.
The other shaked his head. „How can I not? I thought you were my boyfriend until yesterday.“
He has to chuckle at his choice of words. „Were, huh? Is it because you know the truth or because of certain someone? You’ve gotten quite close. Literally.“ The angel kept teasing, watching the color go up the mortals cheeks.
Their light conversation is interrupted by Junsu bitterly remarking: „Oh please, do I have to listen to this?! Lucifer will kick him away anyway, he’s just a mere mortal!“
Heechul glares, „you really are stupid. That mere mortal is the key you’ve stolen and he’s getting your power before this day ends.“
„Stop lying! Get me out of this right now or I will..“
„Will what?“ comes the cold voice from the door and they all fall silent.
„Explain that.“ Yunho tosses the box he’s holding at Heechul, getting on Jaejoong’s other side, wrapping arms around him. Jaejoong lets out content sigh as he snuggles closer.
„Nothing to explain, it’s Jae’s.“ The angel shrugs, handing it to the boy who didn’t stop staring at it.
Jae opened the box gingerly to behold a ring. He looked up at Heechul in confusion ”a ring ? That’s what has been killing everyone?” Heechul smirked as he reached in and withdrew the ring, “not just any ring, Jaejoong, your memories, your power as the key. “ Jae took a deep breath. He was grateful for Yunho’s warmth behind him, and the strength of him. He could not be afraid of his past, why did he hesitate?
“Go on.“ Yunho encouraged him. “It’s yours.“ Jae reaches out a trembling hand to Heechul. Taking the small mortals hand in his, Heechul slipped on the ring. Suddenly the sunlight that had filled the room vanished, and a foreboding rumble filled the expectant silence. It was complete.
Images, sounds and feelings filled his mind and he had to shut his eyes, the force of it bringing pain to his head. He is vaguely aware of someone trying to calm him down. As his heartbeat started to slow down, he could make out the words Heechul was whispering, as well as Yunho’s careful touches. With that realization, he collapsed into him, breathing deeply against his throat, noticing his body was shaking and not really cooperating. Not having the strength nor control to express his frustration over that fact in any other way, he whined. The soft kiss pressed to his temle helped greatly. Or maybe he was just telling himself that. Pushing out of his mind everything else, Jaejoong focused solely on the now familiar man.
Yunho could fell the exact time Jaejoong’s body and mind started relaxing. He looked up at Heechul concerned, hoping the transformation to immortal won’t be worse than this.
“You are his anchor.“ Heechul said, correctly guessing the direction of Yunho’s thoughts. “I can help you do his transformation, since I was the one that made him into a being , I can help you transfer, but you will have to be the vessel.“
Without even thinking of the consequences Yunho agreed, anything to make it easier for Jaejoong. When had this begun? This odd attachment? Yunho would like to think that it was simply because of his desire for the key, but no, there was something there for the mortal that Heechul had created. “I’ll do it. Just tell me.“
“You trust me.“ it was a statement not a question. Yunho smiles at Heechul, “yes.“
Heechul boded solemnly. “Alright. So I shall begin. You the vessel, shall need to transfer the power the easiest way that he will receive. A kiss.“
He feels Jaejoong freezing at the words but Junsu who was quiet the whole time speaks up: „Seriously, can you just kill me so I don’t have to witness this whole disgusting shit?!“
Yunho reacts without as much as looking his way. „Can you shut him up? Because if I do it, I will just rip his tongue out and let him bleed to death.“ That makes the angel actually laugh. „Go ahead.“
Surprisingly it’s Jaejoong that stops it. „Don’t kill him. I know what he did to you is terrible but think about it this way. If he didn’t steal me, Heechul wouldn’t make me into living being. So I’m kinda grateful to him, for being able to be with you like this.“ By the end of his speech, they are looking at each other and Yunho finds it really easy to lean in and claim the beautiful boy’s lips. They forget about everything else, ignoring Heechul murmuring spells, Junsu cursing in the back and let themselves be carried away by their feelings. Jaejoong takes no time, participating in the kiss right away, sucking Yunho’s bottom lip in while caressing his jaw with a thumb. Desperate for more and wanting to distract himself from the slightly uncomfortable burning within him caused by the transformation at the same time, he climbs up into Yunho’s lap with the others help. Opening mouth for Jae’s questioning tongue, Yunho feels something clicking in place and he makes content sound at that, slipping one hand under the blond’s shirt, wanting to feel the warm skin.
„Hey hey, easy you two, get a room.“ Heechul’s amused voice finally gets through to them and they slowly break the kiss, not moving away in any other way, continuing with their soft caresses.
Yunho doesn’t need to ask if the spell was successful, all of them can feel it. The dark lord’s lips stretch into small smile as Jaejoong’s hand move to his wings again. „You’ll get your own wings soon, I promise.“
Changmin felt the shift of power. He frowned but only briefly. What was his master up to? He trusted Yunho, he was only intrigued.
He had been on his way back to the mortal world when he caught wind of Yoochun and decided to go on the hunt for his comrade first.
He found Yoochun with no time lost, tied and beaten. He knew the proud demon would not allow help so instead he kicked a blade over to him for Yoochun to untie himself. “Did you get that traitor?” Yoochun asked him angrily. Changmin nodded. He assumed Yunho had it all taken care of.
“I want to see him meet his final end.“ Yoochun snarled. Changmin smirked, “then come with me.“
Yunho was nosing his way along the boy’s temple still sitting in his lap when they all felt the two demons.
„I hope they are coming to you not for you.“ Heechul remarks.
The fallen one doesn’t find it necessary to look his way while answering, content to cuddle with smiling and obviously happy Jaejoong instead. „Changmin would never betray me, I trust him. He had multiple chances before, even earlier today.“
Junsu starts fretting again, feeling them just outside, thankfully already gaged, the muffled sounds are easy to ignore.
„Master.“ Changmin and Yoochun stop side by side in the door, greeting Yunho with low bow.
Straightening, they take in the scene before them, Yoochun gasping out loud, forgetting about Junsu for a moment at the sight of stranger cuddled up with the dark lord and grinning angel sitting peacefully next to them, waving at him in greeting.
He only manages to get out „w-what...“ too shocked to talk. Yunho laughs. „Long story.“
He gently coaxed Jaejoong up, getting protesting whimper in return. „Jae, I have to get my power back.“
The boy doesn’t miss the chance to presses quick kiss to his mouth before getting up. Changmin’s eyebrow goes up at that and Yunho notices it, shaking his head. „Don’t even ask.“
Changmin crosses his arms,” I want to know. “ Yoochun nods for lack of anything else.
Junsu groans.
“Very well,“ Yunho sighed, standing and leaving Jae sitting on the couch beside Heechul. “He is my key. “
“The angel?” Yoochun asked in disbelief, Changmin smacked him over the head. “No you idiot. How does that even make sense ?”
Jae surprised them all by raising a hand. “It’s me. I am the key.“ he waved and gave Yoochun a sweet smile, “I remember you. Yoochun. You are one of Yunho’s most loyal.“ he looked at Changmin, “but none as loyal as you.”
„And what about the angel?“ asks Yoochun. Heechul shrugs. „I turned the key into human. And now immortal.“
Yoochun won’t leave it alone, milking for the answers while he has a chance to get them. „That doesn’t explain why they were...“ But this is where Yunho stops him, „I think we should wrap this up here and return. The magician that will help with that rat’s“ pointing at Junsu, „punishment is almost here. Now Changmin.“
While admitting he feels something for Jaejoong, he’s not prepared to talk about it. Changmin looks like he understands his mind as he just asks „same as before?“ and piercing the blade through his master’s chest again, after getting confirmation. The shift is quick and Yunho takes deep breath, reveling in the power flowing through his body. Just in time as dark presence shows up before them.
„Lucifer.“ The man covered in dark coat from head to toe greets him. „I’ve got your message.“
He shortly explained to him what needed to be done. Once done, the magician asks: „After I’m done with this... My debt will be paid, right?“
„Yes, you’ll never see me again.“ The Dark Lord agrees.
As Jaejoong settles up closer to Junsu, who is now panically fighting for release, Yunho gives one last warning: „You better not screw up or I’ll make your life living hell and you and your family will be begging me to just kill you.“
Heechul was a little doubtful but after hearing that thread, he relaxes. Nothing will happen to his precious creation. The man gulps and Jaejoong takes the agitated demon’s hand, giving him smile, trying to calm him down. Satisfied with the returned squeeze he got, he turns to the mysterious magician. „I’m ready.“
The man starts speaking as he gets ready by placing candles, herbs, a bowl and knife around them. „I’ll put you both to sleep, you won’t feel anything. It’s complicated spell and will take a lot of time. By the time you wake up, the change will be completed. I will basically lock the powers in you in form of tattoos, it’s the most permanent and stable option. I will need your blood“ he nods towards Jaejoong“ for the spell and his“ turning to Junsu „to let you drink a bit of it mixed up with the herbs. It will make your body accept the change naturally.“
Done with the explanation, he looks up to Lucifer to see his reaction.
Yunho glances at the quiet angel, looking for a hint of doubt and when finding none, he nods.“ You can start. But don’t put that one to sleep. It won’t kill him, right?“ pointing finger at Junsu whose eyes are ready to pop out.
„No. But...“ he starts, eyes skipping between all the immortals before him „the proces will be really painful for him as I have to reach his core and take a part of him away. The reciever won’t feel much but him...“
Evil smirk appears on Yunho’s face. „Excellent, that’s the point. This is his punishment for betraying me after all.“
Outside the clouds began to gather, blocking out the sun. It was beginning.
Jae made himself comfortable as he could despite his nerves of the unknown. He glanced first at Yunho’s calm expression to Heechuls curious one. If there was truly any danger, the two of them would protest. He could trust that.
“Opening so much raw power will draw thirsty demons to your door. They mean no disrespect, they are wild and savage and have gone too long without stable power, leading them into insanity.“ the magician wandered.
“Reapers.“ Changmin sighed, “yes we know of the disgusting things. They are more of a nuisance than anything else.“
“Guard the door.“ Yunho told him.
“Already got you covered.“ Changmin responded, turning with Yoochun at his heals, “we will keep them out, and have fun doing it.“
“I could use the angels aura to make the spell as stable as I can.“ the magician said, eyeing Heechul who huffed and stood to comply, “bossy now, aren’t you?”
With no other words exchanged, it began.
Not once did Yunho let go of the smaller male’s hand, being sure Jaejoong can feel his presence despite b

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