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Túto ff som napísala na Silvestra 2018, hodinu pred polnocou, lebo mi bolo zle, chcela som spať a potrebovala som niečo milé. Opäť, v angličtine.

New year brings a long deserved break and the five friends use the opportunity to catch up. 

Pairing: yunjae

Rating: PG

Genge: fluff, romance, bandfic, non AU

January 1st 2019 6pm

Music sounds through the spacious apartment, the owner moving swiftly around the place, overlooking last details. Spotless counters and floors, check. Food waiting to be served, check. The table set, the drinks ready in the fridge, check. Dancing and humming along to the song currently playing, he goes to his bathroom, hiding his hair dryer from the sight. Nodding approvingly, he jogs up the stairs to change his shirt he managed to get a bit of sauce on. Just then a doorbell is heard, the sound putting big smile on his face, as he runs to answer the door. As soon as he opens it, a hard body throws at him, squeezing him in warm hug.

"Yoochun ah," he laughs, hugging his friend back before tugging him inside. 

"Hyung, it's been forever!" Yoochun complains as he lets him go to look at him properly. "Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year, Yoochun ah. Come in, do you want anything or are we waiting for the rest?" he invites him, giving him slippers. 

"Oh, I came first? I thought Junsu is already here. It's ok, just water, we can wait."

The brunette takes a bottle out of the fridge, handing it to his friend, answering: "He got stuck on the way. Yunho and Changmin should be here any minute though."

Their small talk is disturbed by loud ringing. 

"Right on time. Make yourself at home." grinns Jaejoong and goes to greet his guests, leaving Yoochun alone in the kitchen. 

This time he's greeted more calmly. "Happy New Year!" both tall men wish him upon seeing him. 

He returns the wishing, stepping aside. He allows them to remove their shoes before he forcefully pulls them for hug, both at the same time. Yunho laughs and wraps his hands around him. Changmin protests at first but he knows his stubborn hyung won't let him go unless he gets him what he wants and so he returns the hug. 

Before they can move, the doorbell rings one more time and instead of breaking the hug, Yunho just reaches his hand to open the door to let Junsu in. Junsu seeing them doesn't waste any time and squeezes himself in between the tall duo. "Yoochun, group hug, now!" Jaejoong calls joyfully over his shoulder and it doesn't take long before the entrance is filled with five grown up men hugging and laughing together. 

It takes more than few seconds for them to break it so they can remove their coats and Junsu also his shoes. Jaejoong leaves them to be and goes to put the food and drinks on the table. As he watches them excitedly conversing, he can't help but smile from ear to ear.

"Wow, this place is huge hyung! And so different from your previous houses." Junsu suddenly remarks as he looks around in wonder.

Jaejoong pauses: "Oh, you're all here for the first time, right? I'll give you tour after dinner."

"Yeah, you left to Japan right after moving in here." Yunho reminds him and Jaejoong doesn't miss the little sulky tone in his voice, laughing out loud. "You've been in my apartment in Japan, why are you sulking?" making the rest laugh at their leader.

"Come on, let's eat, you must be all hungry." he says, seeing Yunho's pout forming. There's going to be no sulking, bitter memories or sadness today. At least not until they get drunk.

Sitting around the table, they enjoy the good food and most importantly the company of each other. Long time passed before they were able to meet like this. And while Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin are tired from their schedules the previous day, they couldn't let this opportunity pass. Who knows when they'll find the time again? As they move from the table to the big white couch in the living room, drinks in hands, the topics grow deeper, the talks longer as they try to catch up with each other, house tour forgotten for the moment. Sudden thought makes Jaejoong go silent and lean into Yunho comfortably. The latter notices immediately, kissing his temple softly, whispering: "What's wrong?"

Jaejoong just shakes his head, smiling. "Nothing. I just realized... I finally feel at home in my own house." Squeezing the smaller male close to himself, he kisses him again, this time on the lips, knowing exactly what he meant by that, offering comfort.

They are broken apart by united yell: "Get a room!" soon followed by five different laughs. Home indeed. 

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